Topic: Most favoured nation

Germany opens MFN probe into PayPal

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office is investigating if PayPal abuses its dominance through the use of most-favoured-nation clauses that restrict competition in the online payments market.

23 January 2023

Dutch court to ask ECJ if parity clauses are ancillary restraints

A Dutch court overseeing’s dispute with dozens of hotels said it plans to ask the European Court of Justice if wide and narrow parity clauses can be exempt from EU competition rules, as well as how to define the relevant market for online travel agencies.

30 November 2022

E-Commerce: Most Favoured Nation Clauses

Featured in Digital Markets Guide - Second Edition

Most favoured nation (MFN) clauses in Europe affect the agreements between suppliers of products or services and price comparison tools on which they are listed and those between retailers and online marketplaces.

25 November 2022

Disney illegally requires streaming rivals to offer ESPN, subscribers allege

The Walt Disney Company has used its control of Hulu and ESPN to inflate online television streaming prices, a proposed class action lawsuit has alleged.

22 November 2022

KFTC promises to increase scrutiny of digital platforms following Kakao disruption

Korea’s competition watchdog has prepared a roadmap to improve competition in the online platform market after a fire at domestic technology giant Kakao’s data centre caused major service disruptions and highlighted the company’s dominance.

24 October 2022

CCI fines two-sided platform and hotel chain €48 million in landmark decision

India’s competition watchdog has fined MakeMyTrip for imposing price parity clauses on accommodation providers and entering into an illegal agreement with a major hotel chain to delist rivals, in one of the agency’s first infringement decisions in the multisided platform sector.

20 October 2022

Spain probes over exclusivity clauses

Spain’s antitrust enforcer is investigating if imposed unlawful exclusivity clauses and unfair trading conditions on hotels, joining a long list of competition authorities that have scrutinised the platform’s contractual restrictions.

18 October 2022

California tries its hand at pricing parity case

Amazon illegally prevents merchants from offering products at lower prices on other platforms, the state of California has alleged.

15 September 2022

UK tribunal annuls CMA’s first-ever MFN infringement decision

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has overturned the Competition and Markets Authority’s £17.9 million fine against CompareTheMarket, in a judgment that sets aside the agency’s first-ever decision to punish the use of most-favoured-nation clauses.

09 August 2022

DC court denies reconsideration of Amazon case

The attorney general of Washington, DC, has failed to plead the necessary facts to continue its case alleging Amazon’s price parity rule harmed competition, a local court has ruled.

03 August 2022

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