Topic: Most favoured nation

Judge: DC lawsuit against Amazon does not seem implausible

A Washington, DC, appellate court judge has pushed back against Amazon’s argument that it is implausible for retailers to raise their prices on other e-commerce sites because of pricing policies.

11 December 2023

Shifting Attitudes Towards Most Favoured Nation Clauses in E-Commerce

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A change in focus from ‘wide’ to ‘narrow’ in most favoured nation clauses is under scrutiny in Europe following new enforcement. The move is reshaping the dynamics of e-commerce across the region and sparking concern over the potential risk of unfair competition.

08 December 2023

Amazon should face ebook claims, magistrate recommends

Amazon may have to face claims it illegally monopolised the market for retail ebooks after a magistrate judge in New York found that purchasers had plausibly alleged they suffered antitrust injury.

03 August 2023

South African enforcer’s landmark market study pinpoints remedies for online platforms

Google, Apple, Booking.Com and Takealot are among companies facing a “raft of remedial action” following a market study in South Africa that echoes recent European antitrust developments.

01 August 2023

Germany closes food delivery MFN probe

A food delivery company's most-favoured-nation clauses do not raise antitrust concerns in Germany as the market is very different to the one probed as part of the national competition watchdog's high-profile investigation, the agency has said.

12 July 2023 removes wide MFNs in Armenia

Armenia’s competition authority has forced to remove its wide most-favoured nation clauses preventing accommodation providers from offering lower prices elsewhere, after fining the company roughly €821,000.

02 June 2023

Israel scores €2.1 million settlement over delivery platform exclusivity

Food delivery platform Wolt has settled with Israel’s Competition Authority after admitting to anticompetitively promoting restaurants that exclusively signed onto its service.

10 May 2023

Amazon misled enforcers about pricing parity policy, California says

Amazon still forces third-party sellers to offer their products at the lowest price on its platform and the company recognises this policy leads to higher prices, the state of California has said in newly-unredacted claims.

18 April 2023

Austria examines food delivery platforms in new sector inquiry

Austria’s antitrust watchdog has launched an inquiry into the online food delivery sector, warning that Uber Eats’ exit from the country four years ago created a highly-concentrated domestic market that warrants closer scrutiny.

15 March 2023

DC AG pushes to revive Amazon pricing parity suit

A local court in Washington, DC, abused its discretion and contradicted established antitrust law when dismissing allegations that Amazon set an illegal price floor, the District of Columbia’s new attorney general and Open Markets Institute have said.

30 January 2023

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