Topic: Monopsony

Seventh Circuit revives McDonald’s no-poach lawsuit

The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has reinstated allegations that McDonald’s illegally restricted hiring at its franchises, recommending that a lower court allow former employees to pursue their lawsuit as a per se violation of US antitrust law.

29 August 2023

MMA fighters win class certification

A federal court in Las Vegas has granted class certification to a group of mixed martial arts fighters alleging the Ultimate Fighting Championship illegally monopolised the sport and caused them to suffer $1.6 billion in lost wages.

10 August 2023

House GOP eye exemptions for meatpackers

Several House Republicans are pushing for legislation that would exempt some slaughterhouses from federal inspections, in an attempt to bolster competition in the meatpacking industry.

14 June 2023

Attorneys perplexed by PGA Tour/LIV Golf

The PGA Tour’s controversial proposal to combine with LIV Golf has baffled competition experts searching for signs of antitrust counsel.

09 June 2023

Pacific Seafood rejects monopsony claims

Pacific Seafood is urging a federal court to reject a lawsuit accusing it of illegally monopolising the market for purchasing Dungeness crabs because it never did business with the suing angler.

17 May 2023

NCAA accused of conspiring not to pay coaches

The National Collegiate Athletic Association colluded with its member schools to force assistant coaches to work without compensation, a proposed class action has alleged.

23 March 2023

Crabbers accuse Pacific Seafood of illegal monopsonisation

The largest US seafood processor unlawfully gained control of the market for purchasing Dungeness crab in the Pacific Northwest through mergers, exclusive dealing and anticompetitive dumping, a class of independent crab catchers has said.

15 March 2023

Saudi laws not a discovery shield, PGA Tour says

The Saudi Arabian entity behind LIV Golf cannot hide behind the Kingdom’s laws to avoid subpoenas related to the antitrust litigation it initiated, the PGA Tour has argued.

14 March 2023

Zimbabwe remedies monopsony concerns in supermarket deal

Zimbabwe’s antitrust enforcer has approved an acquisition by one of the country’s largest supermarket chains after the retailer agreed to source fruit and vegetables from local farmers to quell buyer power concerns.

07 March 2023

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