Topic: Market sharing

Taiwan fines hard disk drives cartel

Taiwan’s competition watchdog has imposed nearly €18 million in fines on three companies it said exchanged sensitive information and fixed the price of hard disk drives components.

16 November 2020

South Africa closes 11-year cement cartel case

The Competition Tribunal of South Africa has approved a settlement between the country’s antitrust enforcer and a leading cement supplier, granting the company immunity 11 years after it first launched the cartel probe.

12 November 2020

National Grid settles final UK power cables claim

National Grid has settled a claim against Prysmian just before the dispute was scheduled to go to trial, marking the electricity grid operator’s fourth and final settlement with members of the power cables cartel.

11 November 2020

ECJ upholds another power cables fine

The European Commission was entitled to hold Pirelli joint and severally liable for Prysmian’s €67.3 million cartel fine because the Italian company controlled almost all of the power cables manufacturer’s capital, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

28 October 2020

ECJ rejects food packaging cartel appeal

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the General Court did not breach a food packaging cartel member’s right to a fair trial when it refused its request to hear witness evidence in person.

22 October 2020

National Grid settles follow-on claim against ABB

The UK’s electricity grid operator has withdrawn its follow-on damages claim against ABB, marking its third settlement with members of the power cables cartel.

22 October 2020

ACCC seeks to penalise crane cartel

Australia’s competition watchdog has accused NQCranes of conspiring with a rival to allocate the market for overhead cranes.

19 October 2020

EU adds to canned vegetable probe

The European Commission has accused Conserve Italia of dividing markets and fixing prices for canned vegetables, one year after three rival food producers admitted to their roles in the alleged cartel.

05 October 2020

Top basketball clubs accused of forming cartel

A basketball union has filed a complaint with the European Commission accusing the organisers of a pan-European league and 11 of the continent’s best-known teams of conspiring to block others from competing.

02 October 2020

NKT settles National Grid power cables claim

The UK’s electricity grid operator has settled for an undisclosed sum its damages claim against NKT following-on from the European Commission’s power cables cartel decision.

17 September 2020

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