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Market sharing infringement was correctly proven, says CMA counsel

The UK’s antitrust authority has pushed back against members of the Prochlorperazine cartel that claim it failed to meet the burden of proof when levying fines in 2022, telling the Competition Appeal Tribunal that their defence relies on several improbable coincidences and mistakes.

07 June 2023

CMA incorrectly analysed evidence in Prochlorperazine decision, drugmaker says

The UK’s competition watchdog failed to analyse evidence correctly when fining pharmaceutical companies for sharing the market for an anti-nausea drug and “flippantly” accused two of the drugmakers of creating a false paper trail, the Competition Appeal Tribunal has heard.

06 June 2023

Private Equity firm slams Prochlorperazine decision

Counsel to a private equity group fined by the UK antitrust watchdog for its alleged part in the Prochlorperazine cartel has hit out at the agency, telling the Competition Appeal Tribunal that the enforcer showed a “troubling lack of restraint” in its sanctions decision.

05 June 2023

SAMR punishes drug wholesalers for price-fixing cancer treatment injections

China’s antitrust watchdog has fined two drug wholesalers €7.5 million for price-fixing and dividing the market for a cancer treatment injection, continuing its aggressive enforcement in the pharmaceutical sector.

05 June 2023

Austria settles with Südzucker following double jeopardy victory

Austria’s Federal Competition Authority has agreed a €4.2 million cartel settlement with the world’s largest sugar producer, nine years after Germany’s Federal Cartel Office fined the company for colluding with rivals.

02 June 2023

Supreme Court ends challenge to ro-ro class action certification

The UK’s Supreme Court has declined to hear an attempt by three vehicle shipping companies seeking to overturn the certification of a cartel damages class action, marking the end of the road for their challenge.

01 June 2023

Portuguese court overturns €42 million insurance cartel fines

A Portuguese court has overturned the national competition authority’s €42 million fine on two insurance providers for failing to prove they participated in a market-sharing cartel, marking the first time it has fully annulled such penalties.

26 April 2023

France settles with bakery equipment association

France’s Competition Authority has fined a bakery equipment manufacturer and its distribution network €2.95 million for fixing the price of a multipurpose baking machine and allocating the sales market among distributors.

25 April 2023

France uses new leniency regime to sanction business data cartel

France’s Competition Authority has fined a data collection company €3.5 million for price fixing and market sharing, in a case that marks the first successful use of the agency’s leniency regime since it was reformed under the ECN+ Directive.

13 April 2023

Japan issues highest-ever antitrust fine to electricity cartel

Japan’s competition authority has hit four former utilities with over €700 million in fines for illegally conspiring to suppress competition after the country’s electricity market was deregulated, in what is the agency’s largest fine for an antitrust violation.

30 March 2023

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