Topic: Leniency

Spain fines business analytics cartel €3.5 million

Spain’s antitrust watchdog has sanctioned a business analytics provider for agreeing not to target a rival’s customers and fix prices in a cartel agreement that lasted almost 20 years.

11 July 2023

Strabag could face €181.5 million fine after Austrian court orders review of earlier sanction

Austria’s Cartel Court was wrong to conclude it couldn’t review and amend the record bid-rigging fine it issued to Strabag after new information revealed the construction company may have breached the terms of its leniency agreement, the country’s top court has ruled.

30 June 2023

Canadian court levies highest-ever price fixing fine

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has issued a record C$50 million (€34.5 million) fine to Canada Bread after the company confessed it colluded with rival Weston Foods to overcharge customers in 2007 and 2011.

22 June 2023

CMA considering tweaks to leniency regime, agency official says

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority will consider potential changes to its leniency programme following a decline in such tip-offs, its senior director responsible for antitrust investigations has revealed.

21 June 2023

Italy provides guidance on new settlement powers

Italy’s Competition Authority has published new guidelines on recently-introduced settlement rules that allow greater discounts for non-cartel infringements, diverging slightly from the European Commission's approach in a possible bid to halt a recent stretch of losses before the courts.

25 May 2023

Peruvian enforcer welcomes new leniency regime

Peruvian lawmakers have unanimously passed a bill exempting softcore cartels and abuses of dominance from criminal proceedings, while also giving leniency applicants additional protections.

09 May 2023

Enforcers report witness struggles

Some of the strongest potential witnesses in criminal antitrust cases lack the incentive to testify, a Department of Justice official has said.

05 May 2023

Brazil reaches second €10 million settlement in pacemaker cartel probe

International medical technology company Biotronik Comercial Médica has admitted to its role in a cartel that rigged public bids to provide various high-technology medical supplies in the Brazilian pacemaker market.

28 April 2023

France uses new leniency regime to sanction business data cartel

France’s Competition Authority has fined a data collection company €3.5 million for price fixing and market sharing, in a case that marks the first successful use of the agency’s leniency regime since it was reformed under the ECN+ Directive.

13 April 2023

Top Colombian court annuls new antitrust rules

Colombia’s highest court has annulled new competition rules enacted last year, finding the provisions that increased antitrust sanctions and provided additional incentives for leniency applicants are unconstitutional.

30 March 2023

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