Topic: Legislation and guidance

German ministry floats beefed-up antitrust rules to tackle fuel crisis

German competition lawyers have heavily criticised controversial proposals from the country’s economic ministry to give the national competition enforcer new tools to tackle rising fuel prices, which include the power to break up companies without first finding an infringement.

14 June 2022

FCO expands Apple probe under Section 19a

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has opened an investigation into Apple’s user tracking conditions for app publishers and advertisers on its App Store over suspected self-preferencing conduct.

14 June 2022

Powers: no need for more Section 2 guidance

A top antitrust official at the Department of Justice has rejected calls for the agency to provide additional guidance as it looks to prosecute its first criminal monopolisation case in over four decades.

08 June 2022

Draft Austrian sustainability guidelines diverge from EU proposals

Austria's competition enforcer is consulting on sustainability guidelines that will exempt certain agreements from antitrust rules if they provide appropriate ecological benefits, in a different approach than the one proposed by the EU.

07 June 2022

Canadian bar urges government to suspend competition law changes

The Canadian Bar Association has urged lawmakers to defer proposed changes to the country’s competition regime for a year, after criticising the government for including the amendments in a budget bill without holding a public consultation.

06 June 2022

EU’s powers may need “boost” to match ECN+, official says

The European Commission’s review of the EU’s modernisation regulation could reveal a need to strengthen the enforcer's powers to match those of national competition authorities under the ECN+ directive, a senior commission official has said.

06 June 2022

Sweden drops obstruction case against bread company

Sweden’s Competition Authority has cancelled its first-ever investigation into a company it accused of obstructing an ongoing cartel probe, a year after it gained the power to sanction such behaviour.

01 June 2022

New Zealand takes on supermarket duopoly

New Zealand’s government has vowed to remedy lacklustre competition in the country’s supermarket sector by challenging its existing duopoly, warning that recommendations set out in a recent market study by the national antitrust authority did not go far enough.

30 May 2022

Senate revises self-preferencing bill

The Senate’s self-preferencing legislation has been updated to exclude telecommunications and financial services companies ahead of a potential vote in the coming months.

27 May 2022

German courts would benefit from economic expertise, judge says

Courts in Germany would be more efficient if they had trained economists as judges, plus increased resources and better case management tools, a leading local judge has said.

26 May 2022

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