Topic: Legislation and guidance

Sims: Is antitrust achieving its objectives?

Rod Sims is a recipient of GCR’s 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award. During his acceptance speech in Washington, DC, on 28 March, the former head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warned that insufficient antitrust enforcement threatens democracy, and urged the competition bar to query if their work is leading to the right outcomes.

06 April 2023

UK promises to increase transparency of national security reviews

The UK government plans to update its guidance on the National Security and Investment Act less than a month after an advisory organisation set up by former prime minister Tony Blair criticised the new regime for being ambiguous and lacking transparency.

04 April 2023

Vietnam creates new competition watchdog to end enforcement impasse

The Vietnamese government has finally enacted amendments to the country’s competition law, establishing a single antitrust authority with investigative and decision-making powers to end a five-year lull in enforcement.

03 April 2023

Aoki champions antitrust law as solution to Japanese stagnation

Significant hope exists in Japan among the public, politicians and business community that competition policy can be a “large part of the solution” to the country’s socioeconomic problems, a commissioner at its antitrust agency has said.

31 March 2023

Belgium blesses first sustainability initiative in banana sector

The Belgian Competition Authority has approved a collaboration between a sustainable trade association and five supermarkets that seeks to improve wages across the banana supply chain, marking the enforcer’s first approval of such an agreement on sustainability grounds.

31 March 2023

Sweeping competition law amendments pass initial hurdle in India

India’s lower house of parliament has passed significant amendments to the country’s competition law for the first time in two decades, with companies now facing fines for antitrust violations based on their global turnover.

30 March 2023

Top Colombian court annuls new antitrust rules

Colombia’s highest court has annulled new competition rules enacted last year, finding the provisions that increased antitrust sanctions and provided additional incentives for leniency applicants are unconstitutional.

30 March 2023

EU to publish new exclusionary abuse guidelines

The European Commission is set to publish new guidelines on its approach to exclusionary conduct cases, but has already updated an old policy paper that clarifies it does not need to rely on the as-efficient competitor test in certain matters.

27 March 2023

SAMR releases AML guidance but clarifications still needed

China’s competition watchdog has released guidelines spelling out how it will enforce the country’s antitrust rules after lawmakers amended the legislation last year, although local lawyers say the agency has deleted key clarifications from the final versions.

27 March 2023

Illumina/Grail had a fair trial, FTC says

Allegations that the Federal Trade Commission colluded with international enforcers to block Illumina’s acquisition of Grail are merely an “implausible conspiracy theory”, agency staff have said.

27 March 2023

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