Topic: Legislation and guidance

ACCC report urges regulatory reform to combat Meta dominance

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has urged the government to implement legal reforms tackling the harm Meta causes to consumers, after its latest digital platforms report concluded the company has “significant market power” in social media services.

03 May 2023

Bill puts future UNC Health acquisitions closer to total antitrust immunity

The North Carolina state senate has advanced legislation that would grant universal antitrust approval to acquisitions undertaken by the University of North Carolina Health System.

03 May 2023

UK unveils “watershed” tech legislation

The UK government has finally introduced a law establishing a new regulatory regime to tackle dominant technology companies and give the country’s competition authority bolstered investigative and enforcement powers.

25 April 2023

GOP lawmakers signal uphill battle for FTC budget boost

Several House Republicans have hit out at Federal Trade Commission leadership for “squandering” resources on progressive cases as lawmakers consider appropriations for the next fiscal year.

19 April 2023

UK plans hefty cohort to enforce incoming digital rules

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is expecting to deploy at least 200 staff on the country’s highly-anticipated digital markets regime, which should go before lawmakers in “the next week or two”, an agency official has said.

17 April 2023

Mundt attempts to quell concerns from proposed German amendments

Andreas Mundt has said proposals to give his agency new sector inquiry powers to impose remedies on companies without establishing an infringement include several safeguards and will not amount to a quick fix.

17 April 2023

EU adopts DMA procedural rules

The European Commission has finally published a playbook spelling out how it will practically enforce its new rules for digital gatekeepers.

17 April 2023

CAT allows appeal against costs cap in first subsidy challenge

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal will allow Durham County Council to challenge its costs cap in the first-ever subsidy challenge under the country’s new regime, but warned the appeal does not have “a real prospect of success”.

12 April 2023

Sims: Is antitrust achieving its objectives?

Rod Sims is a recipient of GCR’s 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award. During his acceptance speech in Washington, DC, on 28 March, the former head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warned that insufficient antitrust enforcement threatens democracy, and urged the competition bar to query if their work is leading to the right outcomes.

06 April 2023

UK promises to increase transparency of national security reviews

The UK government plans to update its guidance on the National Security and Investment Act less than a month after an advisory organisation set up by former prime minister Tony Blair criticised the new regime for being ambiguous and lacking transparency.

04 April 2023

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