Topic: Legislation and guidance

EU finalises guidelines exempting gig workers from competition rules

The European Commission has adopted new guidelines clarifying when self-employed people, such as actors, musicians and gig workers, can collectively negotiate better working conditions without breaching the bloc’s competition rules.

29 September 2022

Senate advances journalism bill

Legislation that would allow news publishers to collectively negotiate with the largest tech platforms has been voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee after Democrats and Republicans struck a deal on a bipartisan amendment about content moderation.

23 September 2022

ECN+ has brought influx of leniency applications in Italy, official says

Italy’s Competition Authority has witnessed a surge in leniency applications following the transposition of the ECN+ directive, which is likely due to the introduction of criminal immunity, a commissioner at the agency has said.

22 September 2022

Germany eyes sector inquiry break-up powers

Germany’s economic ministry has proposed giving the national antitrust watchdog heftier sector inquiry powers while making it easier for the agency to “skim off” profits gained from anticompetitive conduct.

21 September 2022

GOP senators rail against Khan’s FTC

Republican senators have used an oversight hearing to pointedly grill Federal Trade Commission leadership on topics ranging from slumping morale to the agency’s “inconsistent” use of market definitions.

21 September 2022

Khan promises reactivation of Section 5

The Federal Trade Commission is ready to issue a new statement defining what conduct qualifies as an unfair method of competition, agency chair Lina Khan has said.

20 September 2022

Kanter urges holistic approach to tackle tech platforms

US antitrust enforcers must focus on ways to “unplug the monopolisation machine” across the digital sector rather than singling out individual forms of conduct in a single market, the head of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division has said.

20 September 2022

Cruz “censorship” amendment stalls journalism bill

Antitrust legislation that would allow news publishers to collectively bargain with the largest technology platforms has failed to advance in the Senate after Republicans added language focused on content moderation.

09 September 2022

Hong Kong revises leniency policy in bid to stimulate applications

Hong Kong’s antitrust watchdog has opened up the possibility of leniency for individuals who first report a cartel or provide “substantial assistance” in an ongoing case, even if a company has already secured leniency in the same matter.

08 September 2022

CMA warns proposed rail reforms could harm competition

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has said the government’s proposal to allow rail operators to share information to improve passenger services is a prima facie competition law risk but a “well-designed” regime could curtail its concerns.

30 August 2022

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