Topic: Legislation and guidance

Mexico stalls bill to create new antitrust authority

A Mexican lawmaker has postponed a proposal to unify the country’s competition enforcer with two other regulators after opposition lawmakers criticised the plan as a power grab.

16 June 2020

New Zealand looks to overhaul abuse of dominance provisions

Competition lawyers in New Zealand have voiced concerns about a government proposal to reform the country’s abuse of dominance test, arguing it will create uncertainty and make it difficult for businesses to self-assess.

12 June 2020

New competition enforcer proposed in Mexico

A Mexican lawmaker has proposed a new bill that would merge the country’s competition authority with its telecommunications and energy regulators.

12 June 2020

Senator threatens to delay ACPERA without emissions probe info

A US senator has threatened to delay the renewal of legislation related to the Department of Justice’s antitrust division without more information on the agency’s probe of an agreement between four automakers and the state of California.

12 June 2020

Competition experts caution against radical antitrust reforms

A group of antitrust lawyers, economists and scholars is urging Congress not to adopt any radical changes to the antitrust laws and enforcement to protect competition in digital markets.

01 June 2020

EU wants interim measures powers in post-Brexit UK

The EU and the UK are set to discuss competition policy as part of post-Brexit negotiations, but their governments have different ideas about how competition rules should straddle the Channel.

05 February 2020

UK enforcer issues new interim measures guidance for merger control

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has sought to tackle a recent run of companies failing to comply with interim measures, by issuing fresh guidance for both merging and merged businesses.

01 July 2019

CMA proposes broad reforms to competition framework

The UK’s antitrust enforcer has called for the UK government to revamp its competition enforcement powers, as the agency claims that legislation “impenetrable” to nonspecialists and lacking a “clear and unifying purpose” impedes its mission.

25 February 2019

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