Topic: Legislation and guidance

Australian government bolsters sanctions regime

Australian lawmakers have hiked the maximum penalties payable for competition law violations, marking the first time in 30 years that base maximum fines for these violations have increased.

02 November 2022

Vestager: “We are recalibrating globalisation”

Competition policy must not lose sight of long-term financial and environmental security when responding to the current energy crisis, officials including the EU’s competition commissioner have warned.

27 October 2022

Pan-African enforcement regime on the horizon, South African minister says

There is “considerable scope” under a new African free trade agreement for a continent-wide “competition protocol” that facilitates more than just “friendly cooperation” between enforcers, South Africa’s trade and competition minister has said.

26 October 2022

New Zealand publishes draft guidance on new misuse of market power rules

New Zealand’s competition watchdog has published draft guidance on upcoming changes to the country’s misuse of market power rules, which include a new effects test and an authorisation process for conduct that leads to substantial public benefit.

19 October 2022

Merger control causing “tremendous unpredictability” for businesses, Illumina lawyer says

Increased antitrust enforcement alongside a lack of clarity in merger control has made deal-making and planning a “very real concern” for businesses, an in-house antitrust lawyer at Illumina has said.

19 October 2022

EU lawmakers accuse Big Tech of “astroturfing” to sway DMA

Three members of the European Parliament have accused Amazon, Google and Meta of breaching lobbying transparency rules by using five smaller associations to influence the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act on their behalf.

17 October 2022

Non-notifiable mergers can be abusive, says AG Kokott

Competition authorities should be allowed to investigate non-notifiable transactions over abuse of dominance concerns to help catch so-called killer acquisitions, EU advocate general Juliane Kokott has said, as she pushed back against a decision from France's Competition Authority.

13 October 2022

Lawyers expect clarifications for “broad” Irish foreign investment bill

The Irish government should issue clarifications throughout the legislative process of a pending foreign investment control bill to “narrow the broad scope” of the proposed regime, lawyers have said.

13 October 2022

Hybrid dawn raids: How the future of work is impacting cartel investigations today

Just as the workplace has entered a new era, so too have the global rules and processes around dawn raids. Employees are now working from anywhere, storing data on personal devices and communicating across numerous chat, collaboration and video conferencing tools. FTI Consulting senior managing director Ashley Brickles examines how competition authorities across the world have been quick to pivot their dawn raid techniques to align with the modern data landscape.

07 October 2022

White House pushes Congress to act against OPEC

A White House statement responding to the decision by the OPEC international oil cartel to drastically cut output could renew legislative efforts attempting to let the Department of Justice prosecute the group.

06 October 2022

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