Topic: Legislation and guidance

EU reaches landmark agreement on DMA

The European Parliament and European Council have reached a historic political agreement on the Digital Markets Act, which will impose sweeping new rules and obligations on the world’s biggest technology companies as soon as October.

25 March 2022

EU enforcers step up response to Russian invasion

As antitrust authorities increasingly probe rising gas prices stemming from Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the European Competition Network has vowed not to enforce against competitor cooperation that aims to avoid “severe disruptions caused by the impact of war”.

21 March 2022

Turkey amends merger rules to target tech companies

Turkey’s Competition Authority has announced unexpected amendments to its merger control rules, including significant increases to the notification thresholds and an obligation for all technology companies to notify deals to prevent so-called “killer acquisitions”.

04 March 2022

Dutch enforcer joins petition to suspend Russian competition agency from ICN

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets has joined antitrust agencies in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in urging the International Competition Network to suspend Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service from participating in all of its upcoming events.

02 March 2022

UK tribunal issues guidance on ‘super-confidential’ material

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has published guidance on how it intends to handle “super-confidential or super-sensitive material” during proceedings, two months after the country's new foreign investment screening regime came into force.

02 March 2022

Cooperation is not needed for sustainability, economist claims

Rivals working together on sustainability initiatives might lead to a lower standard than if they were to compete on those same projects, a competition economist has said.

02 March 2022

Dutch enforcer blesses sustainability initiatives in energy sector

The Dutch competition authority has informally approved two separate sustainability initiatives in the energy sector, a year after publishing its draft guidelines on such agreements.

01 March 2022

Global antitrust guidelines needed to foster sustainability agreements, in-house counsel say

Competition authorities should come together to issue common guidelines on sustainability agreements before businesses can be “comfortable” collaborating with each other on these initiatives, in-house antitrust lawyers at British Airways and Shell have said.

28 February 2022

EU looks to introduce sustainability guidance for agriculture sector

The European Commission is consulting on new guidelines for environmental agreements in the agriculture sector that are exempted from competition rules provided they are “indispensable” to achieve sustainability standards beyond those mandated by the EU.

28 February 2022

Chilean enforcer seeks to quash due process violation claim

Chile’s antitrust watchdog has called on the country’s Constitutional Court to reject a security company’s claim that its rights were violated when it was denied full access to evidentiary files as it prepared to respond to allegations it was involved in a cartel.

28 February 2022

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