Topic: Legislation and guidance

Slaughter: Guidelines should reflect how agencies examine transactions

Federal Trade Commission member Rebecca Kelly Slaughter has called for one combined set of horizontal and vertical merger guidelines, which clearly explain “how agencies think” and “how we apply” the antitrust laws.

08 April 2022

Chilean constitutional redraft will specify competition violations

Chile’s new constitution will explicitly prohibit cartels, abuse of dominance and harmful mergers, the head of the country’s antitrust agency has revealed.

07 April 2022

DOJ official says changes to leniency policy will not be an issue for applicants

Marvin Price, the Department of Justice’s director of criminal enforcement, has said the agency’s “prompt” reporting requirement in its updated leniency policy is unlikely to be a big issue after practitioners voiced concerns about the changes.

07 April 2022

CMA looks to behavioural economics to remedy online platform concerns

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has released a paper identifying concerns arising from dominant technology companies deliberately designing their websites or applications to harm consumers and distort competition.

06 April 2022

OECD recommends comprehensive antitrust reforms in Tunisia

A report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development on the state of competition enforcement in Tunisia has recommended a revamp of the country's antitrust regime, including significantly increasing the Competition Council’s mandate, powers and resources.

05 April 2022

Ukrainian enforcer issues temporary merger control guidance

Ukraine’s antitrust watchdog has issued new guidance on its merger control procedures, following the implementation of martial law due to Russia’s invasion of the country in February.

05 April 2022

Chilean court dismisses due process breach claim

Chile’s Constitutional Court has quashed a security company’s complaint that its rights were violated when the country’s competition enforcer denied it full access to evidentiary files, allowing a trial it suspended nearly three months ago to recommence.

01 April 2022

New Zealand’s parliament passes sweeping competition law amendments

New Zealand’s parliament has passed amendments to the country’s competition law that introduce an effects test for the misuse of market power rules, expand cartel restrictions to cover certain covenants and increase the maximum penalty for merger breaches.

01 April 2022

Top House Republican predicts passage of antitrust bills

The top Republican on the House of Representatives’ competition policy subcommittee has said he believes antitrust legislation will be signed into law before August.

01 April 2022

EU to evaluate modernisation regulation

EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager has announced that her agency will launch a review “in the coming months” into “the central plank” of the bloc’s antitrust enforcement framework, which empowers national competition authorities to enforce regional rules.

31 March 2022

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