Topic: Legislation and guidance

Bill to create first state-level CFIUS body fails in South Dakota

South Dakota’s Senate has rejected a bill that would have created the country's first state-level foreign investment review body with the power to scrutinise transactions based on national security concerns.

22 February 2023

Big Tech foe to leave Congress

David Cicilline, the former chair of the House of Representatives antitrust subcommittee and an outspoken advocate for reining in the largest US technology companies, will give up his congressional seat this summer to lead a nonprofit.

22 February 2023

FTC hears mixed reviews of non-compete ban

Federal Trade Commission leadership heard industry group representatives lambast its proposed non-compete ban during a public forum yesterday, although proponents of the rule said the contractual restrictions had upended their lives.

17 February 2023

KFTC pushes due process improvements

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has proposed reorganising case handling procedures and improving defence rights for investigated companies in a bid to improve transparency and efficiency.

16 February 2023

KFTC proposes shake-up of merger remedies regime

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has proposed new rules allowing companies to voluntarily submit remedies for problematic deals, bringing the regime more in line with other jurisdictions.

14 February 2023

Senate moves pharma package forward

The Senate Judiciary Committee has advanced five bipartisan bills aiming to promote competition and reduce drug prices in the pharmaceutical industry.

13 February 2023

Experts push for whistleblower incentives

The Criminal Antitrust Anti-Retaliation Act may not be enough to entice potential whistleblowers to report their employers’ violations of the Sherman Act, several experts have said.

13 February 2023

FTC requests more time to review mergers

The Federal Trade Commission’s majority is asking Congress to extend the amount of time it has to decide whether to issue a second request or challenge a merger in court.

13 February 2023

UK moves national security policy closer to central government

The UK government’s decision to move national security and investment policy into the Cabinet Office could give greater weight and oversight to foreign investment reviews, local lawyers say.

10 February 2023

Peru seeks to curtail criminal antitrust sanctions and expand leniency protections

In a bid to revive its faltering leniency regime, Peru’s antitrust watchdog is calling for new legislation to exempt abuses of dominance and softcore cartels from criminal sanctions while increasing protections for whistleblowers.

09 February 2023

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