Topic: Legislation and guidance

Conservatives in Canada push for stronger FDI amendments to protect against China

An opposition politician in Canada has said proposed amendments to the country’s foreign investment law do not go far enough and criticised the government for allowing China to buy up critical assets over the past eight years.

06 February 2023

DOJ signals increased scrutiny of information sharing

The Department of Justice’s antitrust division plans to withdraw support for three policy statements in which it blessed specific “safety zones” of information sharing between competitors.

02 February 2023

Senators, ex-enforcers disparage Live Nation/Ticketmaster monopoly

The only way to eliminate Live Nation’s incentives to suppress competition and preserve its market share is to unwind its merger with Ticketmaster, a former deputy chief of the Antitrust Division has told a Senate hearing.

25 January 2023

Irish competition chair defects to new regulator

Jeremy Godfrey has quit Ireland’s competition authority only a year after being appointed its head to become the inaugural chair of the country’s newly established Media Commission.

18 January 2023

JFTC consults on draft sustainability guidelines

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has published draft guidance on how it will treat sustainability initiatives under the country’s antitrust law, clarifying collaboration agreements that will raise competition concerns and green objectives that require more research.

17 January 2023

Korea publishes abuse of dominance guidelines for digital markets

Korea’s competition watchdog has issued updated abuse of dominance guidance clarifying how the agency will approach multihoming restrictions, most-favoured-nation clauses, self-preferencing and bundling in digital markets.

13 January 2023

EU official seeks to quell concerns about DMA implementation

The European Commission will issue a new regulation governing the implementation of the Digital Markets Act “in good time” before the rules kick in this May, an official has said ahead of the agency’s new directorate launching next week.

11 January 2023

Big Tech pushes back on suggested Indian digital competition bill

An industry association that represents many of the world’s largest technology companies has slammed a proposal for a digital competition law in India as “prescriptive, absolutist and regressive in nature”.

10 January 2023

EU consults on sustainability agreements exemption guidance

The European Commission has begun collecting feedback on draft guidelines covering the exemption of sustainability agreements in the agricultural sector from competition rules.

10 January 2023

Korea to tighten scrutiny of digital economy

The Korean government has outlined a nine-step plan for improving competition in digital markets, including curbing abuses of dominance and the “reckless expansion” of large platforms.

06 January 2023

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