Topic: Labour markets

Former baseball coaches claim NCAA rule kept them unpaid

The National College Athletics Association orchestrated an illegal wage-fixing conspiracy amongst its member baseball teams, two former coaches have alleged.

01 December 2022

Red meat producers fixed wages, employees say

The largest US beef and pork slaughterhouses conspired to artificially depress hourly wages, salaries and benefits paid to their workers, a proposed class of meatpacking plant employees has said.

15 November 2022

Judge Pan backs DOJ market definition as ‘not all books are created equal’

The Department of Justice “easily cleared the bar” in proving that Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster compete in a narrower relevant antitrust market for anticipated best-sellers, a federal court has ruled.

08 November 2022

DOJ secures no-poach sentencing

A Nevada federal court has ordered a local healthcare staffing company to pay $134,000 for participating in a conspiracy not to hire employees from two rivals.

28 October 2022

United States: private antitrust litigation in the labour market

Featured in Americas Antitrust Review 2023

The parallel development of US government enforcement and private antitrust litigation relating to labour markets raises the importance of three topics for stakeholders: no-poach agreements; non-compete agreements; and agreements to fix wages.

30 September 2022

Agency officials urge academics to increase research into enforcement outcomes

Senior officials at competition authorities in Spain and France have called on academics to conduct more enforcement impact assessments, while a commissioner at the Italian Competition Authority called for more studies into antitrust issues in labour markets.

23 September 2022

Canadian chief economist rebukes court-imposed merger standard

Courts have been incredibly naïve in their expectations of what economists can show when challenging a merger, the chief economist at Canada's Competition Bureau has said.

15 September 2022

DOJ to secure first no-poach plea

A former healthcare staffing company plans to plead guilty to its role in a conspiracy to allocate school nurses, which would mark the Department of Justice’s first successful criminal no-poach prosecution.

06 September 2022

MLB hopes to strikeout wage-fixing suit at certification stage

A group of minor league players should not be allowed to move forward as an antitrust class “based on nothing more than their say-so” – especially in light of Major League Baseball’s pending motion to dismiss their lawsuit, the league has argued.

25 August 2022

Canadian court upholds dismissal of hockey class action claim

A Canadian appellate court has upheld a ruling that tossed out a competition class action claim against several North American ice hockey leagues, despite finding the lower court made analytical errors when considering the case.

19 August 2022

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