Topic: Interim relief

Big Tech monopolists akin to robber barons, DOJ official says

A US Department of Justice official has said the tactics used by monopolists in the digital economy are not different to those used by the original robber barons.

09 March 2023

Virginia judge denies federal injunction against railroad

CSX Transportation cannot challenge railroads’ common carrier status and immunity from antitrust injunctions, a Virginia federal court has held.

31 January 2023

Google must comply with far-reaching Android commitments after Indian ruling

India’s highest court has refused to suspend the national antitrust enforcer’s decision to fine Google €152 million and impose a slew of behavioural remedies on the technology company that will significantly alter its global Android business model.

20 January 2023

Indian tribunal rejects Google’s request to stay Android decision

India’s specialist competition tribunal has denied Google’s request to suspend the national antitrust enforcer’s decision to fine the company €152.8 million and impose behavioural remedies for abusing its dominance over the Android mobile ecosystem.

04 January 2023

Canadian enforcer challenges Rogers/Shaw loss

Canada’s Competition Bureau is appealing against a specialist tribunal’s finding that Rogers Communications’ high-profile €19 billion acquisition of rival Shaw Communications will not reduce competition or lead to higher prices in two western provinces.

03 January 2023

Turkey fines Meta €18.6 million for WhatsApp data policy

Turkey’s antitrust watchdog has fined Meta €18.6 million after finding the technology company abused its dominance by merging data collected through WhatsApp with its Facebook social media platform.

26 October 2022

South African tribunal grants interim measures in banking probe

The Competition Tribunal of South Africa has ordered some of the country’s biggest banks to reopen and refrain from closing accounts with a black-owned business after the latter accused the financial institutions of collusion and abuse of dominance.

22 September 2022

Swiss enforcer lifts interim measures on Mastercard

Switzerland’s Competition Commission has lifted interim measures it imposed on Mastercard in an abuse of dominance probe after a local court suspended them for being disproportionate and unnecessary.

26 August 2022

Visa and Mastercard hit with interim measures in LatAm fintech probe

Colombia’s antitrust enforcer has joined a Chilean court in ordering Visa and Mastercard to stop threatening sanctions on banks that use rival transaction processing services to simplify international payments and save on hefty fees.

01 August 2022

Jordan set to introduce interim measure powers for antitrust cases

The Jordanian government has proposed amending the country’s competition law to expand abuse of dominance rules and allow national courts to issue interim injunctions in antitrust cases.

20 July 2022

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