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UK appeals court queries CAT’s “odd approach” in forex class actions

Two appellate judges today questioned if the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal was too quick to reject a pair of competing opt-out forex collective actions, while counsel to both proposed class representatives attacked the earlier judgment for being “replete with legal errors”.

25 April 2023

Belgium closes JV probe after parties voluntarily remove conflict concerns

Belgium’s Competition Authority has closed an investigation into a telecommunications joint venture after the parties voluntarily assuaged concerns over the new entity’s potential indirect ownership by local municipalities.

19 April 2023

EU closes French supermarket probe following dawn raid rebuke

The European Commission has closed its collusion probe into French supermarket chains Intermarché and Casino, following a ruling from the bloc’s top court that annulled the agency’s dawn raids on the retail groups.

17 April 2023

Dutch court guts forex damages claim over lack of jurisdiction

An Amsterdam court overseeing the country’s main follow-on litigation against the EU forex cartel has ruled it only has jurisdiction over a few plaintiffs because the other 28 claimants are based abroad.

12 April 2023

Belgium blesses first sustainability initiative in banana sector

The Belgian Competition Authority has approved a collaboration between a sustainable trade association and five supermarkets that seeks to improve wages across the banana supply chain, marking the enforcer’s first approval of such an agreement on sustainability grounds.

31 March 2023

CAT denies car safety cartelist’s request to strike out damages claim

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has refused to strike Tokai Rika from a claim stemming from a car safety equipment cartel, while backtracking on a decision denying the claimants’ disclosure request for documents submitted to competition authorities outside the EU.

29 March 2023

Broadcom declines to offer remedies to address CMA Phase I concerns

The UK’s antitrust enforcer has opened an in-depth probe into Broadcom’s €61 billion purchase of cloud software company VMware after the company failed to offer remedies to quell fears that the merged entity could foreclose its hardware competitors.

29 March 2023

Car safety cartelist urges CAT to strike out follow-on damages claim

A damages action against Tokai Rika stemming from the car safety equipment cartel is “groundless” as the claimants failed to prove its conduct had “umbrella effects” beyond what the European Commission found in its infringement decision, counsel to the company has said.

28 March 2023

CADE calls for fines against proposed biofuel cartel instigator

Brazil’s antitrust enforcer has accused a major ethanol producer’s chief executive of inviting several rivals to collude by strategically restricting their output.

28 March 2023

CMA set to prioritise labour market enforcement

The UK’s antitrust enforcer has said it plans to identify and “clamp down” on illegal conduct in labour markets, a month after releasing guidance on no-poach agreements.

24 March 2023

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