Topic: Hub and spoke

Peruvian tribunal issues rare decision to cancel cartel fines

Four supermarkets did not participate in an illegal hub-and-spoke cartel because a supplier dictated the price of turkeys sold over the Christmas period, Peru’s Competition Tribunal has held.

12 January 2024

RealPage and property managers must face hub-and-spoke claims

RealPage has failed to evade allegations that it facilitated a rent-fixing conspiracy although a federal judge in Nashville says the renters may need to demonstrate actual antitrust harm.

03 January 2024

Norway’s Competition Tribunal overturns first cartel decision

Norway's largest book publishers have overturned a €52 million hub-and-spoke cartel fine, in a ruling that the national competition authority cannot appeal against.

27 November 2023

Turkey issues fourth hub-and-spoke cartel decision

L’Oréal and eight cosmetic companies have agreed to pay nearly €10 million in fines to settle allegations of resale price maintenance, online sales restrictions and hub-and-spoke cartel violations in Turkey.

17 November 2023

FICO monopolisation claims survive motion to dismiss

Fair Isaac Corporation must face allegations it monopolised the market for business-to-business credit scores by imposing anticompetitive licencing clauses against three credit bureaus, a federal judge in Chicago has ruled.

02 October 2023

Insurance provider accused of orchestrating cartel

Adventist Health has accused health insurance company MultiPlan of facilitating a cartel amongst its largest rivals via a “repricing” algorithm.

11 August 2023

Judge: market definition necessary in no-poach cases

A proposed class of engineers must allege a relevant market to prove Raytheon Technologies and Pratt & Whitney entered into a per se illegal no-poach conspiracy, a federal judge in Connecticut has ruled.

01 June 2023

DOJ should reconsider no-poach prosections, defence bar says

Several members of the defence bar have suggested the government abandon criminal labour cases altogether after its fourth attempt at a no-poach prosecution fell apart before even reaching the jury.

02 May 2023

US DOJ loses another criminal no-poach case

A Connecticut federal judge has thrown out the US Department of Justice’s criminal no-poach case against six aerospace employees after the government rested its case, before sending it to the jury for deliberations.

28 April 2023

Portugal hits supermarkets with final hub-and-spoke fine

The Portuguese Competition Authority has issued its tenth and final round of cartel sanctions against three major supermarket chains, bringing a wide-ranging retail sector probe to a close after levying more than €686 million in fines.

27 April 2023

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