Topic: Gun-jumping

EU defends record-breaking Altice gun-jumping penalty before ECJ

Altice was aware it was breaking EU merger rules when it failed to notify and later implement its acquisition of PT Portugal, the European Commission has told the EU’s highest court in support of its “classical gun-jumping case”.

01 February 2023

Spain issues record gun jumping fine

Spain’s competition authority has issued what appears to be its largest-ever gun jumping penalty, fining the country’s fourth-largest mobile network operator €1.5 million for failing to notify its acquisition of a rival three years ago.

19 January 2023

Zimbabwe accepts divestiture offer to end gun-jumping probe

Zimbabwe's antitrust enforcer has given a fridge manufacturer’s parent company six months to divest its stake in the business after a gun-jumping investigation into a rival’s minority investment.

15 December 2022

Polish court annuls largest-ever antitrust fine on Gazprom

A Polish court has overturned the national competition authority’s record €6.2 billion gun-jumping penalty on Gazprom, ruling that the agency failed to prove the company established a joint venture with five other businesses to construct the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

22 November 2022

State AGs allege Kroger/Albertsons dividend restrains trade

Four state attorneys general have filed a pair of lawsuits to block Albertsons from paying a $4 billion dividend as part of its planned merger with Kroger.

03 November 2022

State AGs accuse Kroger/Albertsons of gun-jumping with dividend

The $4-billion dividend that Albertsons has agreed to pay shareholders as part of its merger with Kroger is so large that it may violate US antitrust law, according to a group of state attorneys general.

27 October 2022

Mexico sanctions AT&T and Discovery for gun-jumping after jurisdictional spat

Mexico’s competition enforcer has fined AT&T and Warner Bros Discovery €2.6 million for failing to notify it of their separation of WarnerMedia's Mexican subsidiaries after the country’s telecoms regulator approved the underlying €42.8 billion tie-up last month.

09 September 2022

Portugal issues record gun-jumping fine

The Portuguese Competition Authority has imposed its highest-ever sanction on a company for gun jumping, fining a major charity €2.5 million for failing to notify its acquisition of control over a national Red Cross hospital.

08 September 2022

Mozambique enforcer issues first infringement decisions

The Competition Regulatory Authority of Mozambique has issued its first public infringement decisions in separate gun-jumping and price-fixing cases, less than two years after becoming an operational agency.

02 September 2022

Illumina beats FTC before ALJ

Illumina’s proposed acquisition of cancer-screening company Grail would not violate US antitrust law, the Federal Trade Commission’s administrative law judge has ruled.

02 September 2022

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