Topic: Excessive pricing

Israeli Supreme Court modifies excessive pricing test in landmark Coca-Cola decision

The Supreme Court of Israel has ordered a district court to reassess its decision to certify a class action claim accusing Coca-Cola of excessive pricing, while it also confirmed for the first time that collective actions can be based on such infringements.

27 July 2022

Oral hearings not essential for fair appeals, CAT president says

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal can oversee a fair appeal process without holding a hearing, its president has said while rejecting drugmakers' claims that oral submissions are a fundamental part of their appeals against excessive pricing penalties.

25 July 2022

UK tribunal permits hot tubs in excessive pricing appeals

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has allowed opposing economic experts to testify simultaneously during an upcoming hearing on three companies’ appeals against the national enforcer’s £100 million fine for excessively pricing a thyroid medication.

22 July 2022

CMA reimposes excessive pricing fines on Pfizer and Flynn

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has collectively fined drugmakers Pfizer and Flynn Pharma nearly £70 million after an appellate court ordered it to reassess its original decision to punish the companies for excessively pricing a lifesaving anti-epilepsy drug.

21 July 2022

CMA launches urgent fuel retail market inquiry

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is conducting a “short and focused” review of the fuel retail market following an urgent request from the country’s government over the “concerning” rise in prices.

14 June 2022

Pakistani court dismisses challenge to landmark fertiliser case

A Pakistani court has allowed the country’s competition watchdog to resume legal proceedings against a fertiliser company it originally fined for abuse of dominance nearly a decade ago, after dismissing a challenge to a hearing notice issued by the authority.

01 June 2022

Italy fines drug company for excessive pricing

Italy’s Competition Authority has fined Leadiant Biosciences €3.5 million for abusing its dominance by overcharging the national health service for an orphan drug, less than a year after the Dutch antitrust enforcer penalised the drugmaker for the same conduct.

31 May 2022

UK Supreme Court reinstates CMA costs order in Pfizer/Flynn dispute

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has failed to convince the country’s top court that its enforcement will suffer if it is required to pay companies’ costs when they successfully appeal against its decisions.

25 May 2022

French court rules national authority was wrong to close Polynesian abuse probe

A Paris appellate court has ordered Polynesia’s antitrust watchdog to launch a new investigation into whether beverage distributor Wane Group abused its dominance, after ruling that France’s Competition Authority was wrong to close a case that it does not have jurisdiction over.

17 May 2022

BT class action claim can proceed on opt-out basis, UK appellate court rules

A UK appellate court has dismissed BT’s attempt to overturn the certification of a class action claim against it on an opt-in basis, ruling that the country’s specialist competition tribunal has full discretion to certify a class action claim as opt-in or opt-out.

06 May 2022

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