Topic: Excessive pricing

CAT provisionally certifies class action against Sony

Sony has failed to stop a £5 billion opt-out damages claim brought on behalf of nine million consumers, although the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has ordered the class representative to amend the defined class.

21 November 2023

Germany launches heating supplier excessive pricing probe

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has begun a rare excessive pricing probe into six heating suppliers.

16 November 2023

Pfizer calls on UK tribunal to overturn excessive pricing fine

Pfizer has urged the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to overturn a £63 million excessive pricing sanction, arguing that there was “nothing unfair” with how it priced an anti-epilepsy drug.

06 November 2023

Spirit chief admits to initial JetBlue concerns

The boss of Spirit Airlines says he has evolved from past views that a merger with JetBlue would be blocked over antitrust concerns.

01 November 2023

Growing EU and UK Regulatory Interest in Alleged Excessive Pricing

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences - Second Edition

Despite a historical reluctance to intervene when it comes to excessive pricing, the pharma sector is seeing increasing regulatory interest in such practices in the European Union and United Kingdom. Several key decisions highlight the authorities’ methodology when it comes to identifying excessiveness and unfairness in pharmaceutical pricing.

20 October 2023

An Economist’s Perspective on Exploitative Abuse of Dominant Position and Excluding Competitors

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences - Second Edition

Excessive pricing, excluding actual or potential competitors via rebates, and discounts or killer acquisitions are crucial competition issues making waves in the pharmaceutical sector.

20 October 2023

United Kingdom: key jurisdiction for compliance amid post-Brexit regulatory divergence

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences - Second Edition

The UK Competition and Markets Authority and courts are now beginning to diverge from EU case law following the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, including on rules applying to vertical agreements.

20 October 2023

Italy: Antitrust Pioneer Continues to Break Ground on Theories of Harm

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences - Second Edition

Italy is a frontrunner when it comes to enforcement of antitrust law in the pharma space. AGCM efforts are expected to continue to focus on life sciences companies and it is anticipated that an increasing focus will be placed on public procurement and follow-up actions for damages before civil courts following recent decisions.

20 October 2023

UK train operator, class rep clash over handling of fresh expert evidence

The class representative seeking £400 million from Govia Thameslink Railway has pushed back on a Competition Appeal Tribunal proposal that would limit the rail company’s obligations while the claimants build their case.

12 October 2023

Apple Pay monopolisation claims survive motion to dismiss

Apple must face allegations it illegally monopolised tap-and-go payments by restricting the technology on its devices to only Apple Pay, a federal judge in California has ruled.

28 September 2023

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