Topic: Digital markets

Key Developments in Argentina

Featured in Digital Markets Guide - Second Edition

At a time when innovation symbolises progress, it is important that antitrust regulations in Argentina refrain from disrupting the development of digital markets.

25 November 2022

Key Developments in Canada

Featured in Digital Markets Guide - Second Edition

The Canadian Competition Bureau's increased focus on digital markets aligns with broader government priorities to update the laws governing the internet and rebuild trust among Canadian consumers.

25 November 2022

Digital Regulation in Europe

Featured in Digital Markets Guide - Second Edition

As part of its ‘Digital Agenda for Europe’, the European Commission plans to create safe and secure digital services and markets, prioritising areas such as digital sovereignty, artificial intelligence and semiconductors.

25 November 2022

United States: Tech Mergers

Featured in Digital Markets Guide - Second Edition

Since 2019, the US Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice have been active in issuing Second Requests and filing challenges to block mergers and acquisitions involving digital services and technology companies

25 November 2022

Key Developments in Mexico

Featured in Digital Markets Guide - Second Edition

The Mexican Antitrust Authorities face different challenges related to the digital economy and its markets and will have to adapt to the dualism of traditional and new digital markets.

25 November 2022

Meta agrees to stop tying VR headsets with Facebook accounts

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office will continue investigating whether Meta has unlawfully tied its virtual reality products to its social media platform, despite the company deciding to no longer force its Meta Quest headset users to set up a Facebook account.

23 November 2022

CMA targets Apple and Google in cloud gaming and mobile browsers probe

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has opened a market investigation to assess the dominance of Google and Apple over mobile browsers and examine how the latter restricts cloud gaming through its App Store.

22 November 2022

Senate counsel laments difficulties of antitrust reform

The combination of ideological division, limited budgets and a singular focus on digital markets have created obstacles to passing competition legislation aimed at curbing the power of Big Tech, the Senate’s top Republican antitrust lawyer has said.

18 November 2022

Germany applies new powers to existing Amazon probes

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has extended two of its existing investigations into Amazon under its new Section 19A powers after the enforcer designated the e-commerce giant as having “paramount significance for competition across markets” earlier this year.

15 November 2022

ACCC calls for ex ante regulatory regime for digital platforms

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has called for legally binding codes of conduct to address anticompetitive self-preferencing, tying, exclusivity and data advantages in the digital economy.

11 November 2022

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