Topic: Digital markets

Reworked Microsoft/Activision deal set to overcome UK merger hurdle

Microsoft has won provisional approval in the UK for its restructured acquisition of Activision, but not without a fresh broadside from the competition watchdog for failing to tweak the deal during the original merger review.

22 September 2023

DuckDuckGo CEO: Google contracts hinder competition

The chief executive of privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo has claimed Google’s contracts with web browsers and mobile device manufacturers stymied its efforts to gain a foothold.

22 September 2023

Google public data policy statements not always accurate, former engineer says

Google relies on vast amounts of user data to deliver high-quality search results despite taking public positions to the contrary, a former software engineer at the company has said.

21 September 2023

Google exec: Meta, Amazon, TikTok stealing ad business

Google has steadily lost search advertising business to Big Tech rivals, its general manager of ads has testified.

20 September 2023

Google says EU failed to show treatment of rivals was abusive

The “whole point” of competition is for companies to differentiate themselves from rivals so a finding that treating competitors differently is in itself abusive could undermine competition and innovation, Google has argued.

19 September 2023

Google reticent on market definition in Epic Games and class action lawsuits

Google has told an Australian court that defining a relevant market in defence of two lawsuits alleging it illegally monopolises application distribution and in-app payment systems is “a little difficult to do”.

19 September 2023

Google never pressured to “clean up” search ads, exec says

The Department of Justice has honed in on emails from a Google executive claiming not to feel competitive pressure to improve the company’s search advertising products.

19 September 2023

DOJ grills Google exec on deleted chat messages

A Google executive has testified that he used chat messages that were automatically deleted despite being told to preserve any communications related to the Department of Justice’s online search monopoly lawsuit against his employer.

18 September 2023

Judge queries what consumers lose when Google is default search option

The judge presiding over the Department of Justice’s Google trial appeared to zero in on the agency’s hired behavioural economist on Thursday, questioning how the tech company’s position as a default search engine harms consumers.

15 September 2023

Google exec said default status necessary in negotiations with cell carriers

Google saw no value in partnerships with cell phone carriers that did not make Google the default search engine on their devices, a former executive has said.

14 September 2023

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