Topic: Digital markets

South African enforcer calls for simultaneous cross-border merger filings

Forcing companies to file cross-border transactions simultaneously will help enforcers to cooperate in merger reviews, a top official at South Africa’s competition watchdog has said.

18 October 2023

Gatekeeper rivals cannot use DMA to obtain market advantages, EU official says

The European Commission has rejected requests from companies for designated gatekeepers under the Digital Markets Act to detail how their data can be used, a senior agency official has said.

17 October 2023

Amazon faces abuse lawsuits in China for European conduct

Amazon is reportedly facing a second standalone abuse of dominance lawsuit in China for conduct occurring in Europe, with both cases set to test the jurisdiction of the country’s Anti-Monopoly Law.

17 October 2023

ACCC “closely following” effects of generative AI

The rise of generative artificial intelligence is an opportunity for competition enforcers to avoid repeating the previous patterns of underenforcement in digital markets, the head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has said.

17 October 2023

Indian enforcer to conduct AI market study

The Competition Commission of India will launch a market study to assess the competitive effects of artificial intelligence.

16 October 2023

CMA declares victory in Microsoft/Activision review

The chair, chief executive and other senior officials at the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority took a victory lap today after confirming the conditional approval of Microsoft’s revamped acquisition of Activision.

13 October 2023

New Microsoft/Activision deal dodges EU inquiry

The European Commission has confirmed that Microsoft's reworked acquisition of Activision will not face additional scrutiny in Brussels.

13 October 2023

BRICS enforcers signal joint enforcement action in digital markets

Enforcers in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa plan to coordinate antitrust investigations in the digital economy, a commissioner at Brazil’s competition authority has said.

13 October 2023

Epic, Match: Google paid rivals not to launch app stores

Epic Games and Match Group claim Google engaged in a “multi-year campaign” to destroy internal chats and hamper their ability to collect information.

10 October 2023

Google and Apple battle to avoid fines in Korea over app payments

Google and Apple are on the brink of receiving €47.7 million in penalties in Korea for failing to comply with a new law forcing them to allow third-party payment providers on their app stores.

09 October 2023

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