Topic: Digital markets

Indian Supreme Court forces WhatsApp to face abuse probe over 2021 privacy update

India’s top court has dismissed WhatsApp’s appeal against a decision forcing it to face a full abuse of dominance investigation by the country’s antitrust watchdog over last year's privacy policy update.

18 October 2022

EU lawmakers accuse Big Tech of “astroturfing” to sway DMA

Three members of the European Parliament have accused Amazon, Google and Meta of breaching lobbying transparency rules by using five smaller associations to influence the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act on their behalf.

17 October 2022

Court should dismiss FTC’s ‘empty conclusions’, Meta says

The Federal Trade Commission cannot meet the high burden of proving that Meta Platforms’ acquisition of virtual reality startup Within Unlimited will damage future competition, Meta has said.

14 October 2022

DOJ’s privacy expert cannot testify, Google argues

The Department of Justice’s attempt to add a privacy-focused witness to its monopolisation case against Google during the last month of expert discovery should not be rewarded, the company has said.

13 October 2022

Epic, Match seek to add per se allegations against Google

Epic Games and Match Group are seeking to add claims that Google illegally paid off developers that may have been considering launching competing Android app stores or taking their software away from the Google Play Store.

12 October 2022

Sports data and betting companies settle litigation during CAT trial

Sportradar has settled its competition law claims against three sports data and betting companies, bringing an end to a trial that started last week before the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal.

11 October 2022

India expands Google news publishing probe

India’s antitrust watchdog has expanded an existing 10-month-old investigation into Google, following a new complaint against the company for allegedly abusing its dominance by imposing unfair terms on news publishers.

10 October 2022

Canadian court sends Amazon claims to arbitration

Canada’s Federal Court has ordered Amazon purchasers to arbitrate their claims that the online retailer’s “fair pricing” policy amounts to price-fixing.

05 October 2022

EU finalises guidelines exempting gig workers from competition rules

The European Commission has adopted new guidelines clarifying when self-employed people, such as actors, musicians and gig workers, can collectively negotiate better working conditions without breaching the bloc’s competition rules.

29 September 2022

Enforcers in developing countries monitoring EU efforts to regulate Big Tech

Competition officials in South Africa and India have said both agencies are keeping a close eye on the implementation of EU’s Digital Markets Act but it is too early to say if the countries could enact similar regulation.

23 September 2022

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