Topic: Digital markets

DG Comp official confirms likelihood of private DMA enforcement

Some provisions of the EU’s Digital Markets Act will be directly enforceable in national courts both in standalone and follow-on claims, although future litigation will clarify the scope of that private enforcement, a European Commission official has said.

22 March 2023

Hong Kong may rely on remedy packages from other jurisdictions in digital economy

Hong Kong’s Competition Commission is considering whether it can apply behavioural remedies approved by other competition enforcers against digital companies within the territory, a top official at the agency has said.

22 March 2023

Microsoft beats back private merger challenge

A group of video game purchasers failed to provide any facts to support their allegations that Microsoft’s $68.7 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard violates US merger law, a California federal judge has ruled.

22 March 2023

Digital platforms must ensure DMA compliance protects Korean consumers, says KFTC boss

Large technology companies must ensure they do not discriminate against Korean consumers when implementing measures to comply with the EU’s Digital Market Act, the chair of the country’s antitrust watchdog has said.

21 March 2023

Google: too late for DOJ to seek sanctions

Google has argued that the Department of Justice and a coalition of state attorneys general knew for years that its employees used the “off-the-record” chat messages at the heart of their latest request for sanctions.

21 March 2023

Amazon likely to face California’s pricing parity claims

The State of California has adequately alleged that Amazon’s parity provisions resulted in higher prices on its own marketplace and competing e-commerce platforms, a state court has ruled.

16 March 2023

DOJ and Google seek to exclude experts in search case

The Department of Justice and Google are each urging Judge Amit Mehta to narrow the scope of expert testimony that the other hopes to present at trial in September.

15 March 2023

LinkedIn defeats monopolisation claims

A group of LinkedIn subscribers failed to allege that the platform illegally maintained its monopoly over professional networking through anticompetitive data practices, a federal California judge has held.

13 March 2023

CMA drops probe into Meta, combines Google online ad cases

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has ended its investigation into Meta over an online advertising agreement with Google, although it will continue to probe the latter’s involvement in the same pact three months after the EU dropped the case entirely.

10 March 2023

Apple looks to terminate UK’s cloud gaming and mobile browsers market inquiry

Apple has urged the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal to quash a market investigation launched by the national antitrust watchdog last year, claiming the agency breached the procedural rules for initiating such an inquiry.

10 March 2023

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