Topic: Digital markets

FTC alumni: Relitigating Microsoft/Activision comes with risks

The Federal Trade Commission’s rare decision to reopen administrative proceedings against a merger it failed to secure a preliminary injunction against could amplify the barrage of attacks it is already facing.

02 October 2023

Whish: Abuse of dominance rules no longer work in digital markets

King’s College London emeritus professor Richard Whish has said he’s “lost confidence” in the ability of EU abuse of dominance rules to effectively police the online economy.

28 September 2023

General Court upholds video game geo-blocking fine

Video game publisher Valve’s geo-blocking codes caused an “artificial segmentation” of the internal market and harmed competition, the EU’s General Court has said.

27 September 2023

FTC avoids radical approach with Amazon case

The most progressive Federal Trade Commission in a generation has opted for a more orthodox playbook in its blockbuster lawsuit against Amazon, several competition experts have said.

27 September 2023

FTC sues Amazon

The US Federal Trade Commission and 17 state enforcers have accused Amazon of illegally maintaining monopoly power in online shopping markets by implementing illegal price floors, forcing sellers to use its fulfilment services and unfairly favouring its own products.

26 September 2023

EU responds to “novel” Booking/eTraveli block claims

The European Commission is pushing back on criticism of its Booking/eTraveli block, maintaining the concepts in its analysis are “not new.”

26 September 2023

Yelp, news org want Paul Weiss off Google ad tech case

Yelp and the News Media Alliance are asking that Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison be disqualified from representing Google in the Department of Justice's advertising technology case because of the firm’s prior work for them.

26 September 2023

Booking: EU eTraveli block “wrong” on facts and law

Booking will challenge the European Commission’s block of its €1.6 billion purchase of eTraveli Group, accusing the agency of departing from “settled law and precedent” in prohibiting a deal based solely on ecosystem concerns.

25 September 2023

Reworked Microsoft/Activision deal set to overcome UK merger hurdle

Microsoft has won provisional approval in the UK for its restructured acquisition of Activision, but not without a fresh broadside from the competition watchdog for failing to tweak the deal during the original merger review.

22 September 2023

DuckDuckGo CEO: Google contracts hinder competition

The chief executive of privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo has claimed Google’s contracts with web browsers and mobile device manufacturers stymied its efforts to gain a foothold.

22 September 2023

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