Topic: Digital markets

UK appellate court reinstates CMA market investigation into Apple and Google

The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal’s decision to quash a market investigation into Apple and Google “lost sight” of the Competition Act’s purpose, an appellate court has ruled.

30 November 2023

EU hits Amazon/iRobot with chargesheet

Amazon’s €1.7 billion acquisition of iRobot could incentivise the company to apply various foreclosure strategies, the European Commission has said.

28 November 2023

ACCC doubles down on calls for digital regulatory regime

The expanding ecosystems of Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta and Microsoft highlight the “critical need for regulatory reform”, Australia’s antitrust authority has said.

27 November 2023

DRCF chief: statutory-backed collaboration would be “burdensome”

Giving the UK’s Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum a statutory footing risks harming collaboration between sector enforcers, its top boss has said.

21 November 2023

Amendments to UK digital markets bill could crash regime, opposition lawmaker warns

Allowing the world’s most powerful tech companies to launch merits-based appeals against fines imposed by the UK’s Digital Markets Unit could “pull down” the entire regime intended to police them, a shadow minister has claimed.

21 November 2023

Amazon’s algorithmic pricing under the spotlight in Turkey

Automatic pricing mechanisms used by Amazon and two other large e-commerce platforms are facing close scrutiny in Turkey.

17 November 2023

EU’s Digital Markets Act faces first challenges

Meta and TikTok have challenged aspects of their designations under the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

16 November 2023

Italian court stays Amazon appeal pending ECJ referral

An Italian court has suspended Amazon’s challenge against a €1.13 billion abuse of dominance fine pending a ruling from the EU’s top court in a parallel case seeking clarification on the legality of antitrust investigation timelines.

16 November 2023

UK waters down appeal standard for fines in new digital markets bill

The UK government has tweaked proposed new rules policing the world’s biggest tech companies to make it easier to challenge fines but has stood firm in limiting the scope of appeals for other enforcement decisions.

15 November 2023

Edelson labels “black box” algorithms intentional

Digital companies often deliberately design algorithms to make them less transparent, the first chief technologist at the Department of Justice’s antitrust division has said.

15 November 2023

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