Topic: Dawn raids

Dawn raids are taking longer because of cloud storage, EU official says

The rapid growth and use of cloud storage technology means dawn raids are now “far more complex”, making cooperation during a probe even more important, the European Commission’s cartel head has said.

28 September 2023

Greece imposes highest fine on individual for obstructing dawn raid

Greece’s Competition Commission has levied a €1 million fine on an unnamed individual, reportedly the owner of a premier league football club, for concealing evidence during a dawn raid.

21 September 2023

Bosch raided in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands over interoperability concerns

Competition agencies across Europe have raided Bosch based on concerns it may have abused its dominance by excluding its only rival in a nascent market.

18 September 2023

Hungary raids over delayed payments

Hungary’s Competition Authority has raided as part of an expedited market study into the online booking sector.

07 September 2023

CADE raids four cities over alleged orthopaedic equipment cartel

Brazil’s antitrust watchdog has conducted 24 dawn raids across four cities following concerns that a wide-ranging cartel operating in the orthopaedic sector may have used lawsuits to force the government to pay for patient care, and then colluded to drive up the price of their products.

27 July 2023

Red Bull appeals against EU dawn raid

Red Bull has challenged the European Commission’s search of its premises as part of a probe into possible antitrust infringements, arguing the enforcer had “insufficient” proof it violated competition rules.

25 July 2023

Dawn raids can be challenged prior to final decision, Greek court rules

Parties can challenge the validity of dawn raids conducted by Greece’s Competition Commission prior to the authority issuing a final decision, a local court has said.

11 July 2023

Dawn raids without judicial consent violate constitution, Turkish court rules

A Ford joint venture had its rights breached when the Turkish Competition Authority raided its premises in 2009 without judicial sign-off, the country’s top constitutional court has held.

04 July 2023

Symrise appeals against EU fragrance cartel dawn raid

Symrise has challenged the European Commission’s search of its premises as part of a cross-border fragrance cartel probe, arguing the enforcer did not have “reasonable grounds” for suspecting the company infringed competition law.

04 July 2023

EU to punish cartels in never-before sanctioned markets, senior official says

The European Commission will impose cartel sanctions later this year in sectors that have never before been punished after advancing “a new targeted portfolio” of cases since 2021, a senior agency official has said.

29 June 2023

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