Topic: Collective bargaining agreements

CMA signals measured approach to labour market enforcement

UK antitrust lawyers have welcomed the Competition and Markets Authority’s findings that non-compete clauses generally fall outside the scope of competition law, as the agency signalled employment law may need reforming to deal with the issue.

25 January 2024

German medical associations dissolve syndicate following antitrust probe

Germany's Federal Cartel Office has accepted commitments to end its investigation into a syndicate of medical aid providers that colluded to force health insurers to charge higher prices for their products.

06 November 2023

Sixth Circuit: Labor Union and Collective Bargaining Exemptions Are Alive and Well

Featured in US Courts Annual Review - Edition 4

Addressing multiple antitrust issues in the past year, the Sixth Circuit reiterated the standard for predatory bidding, provided a reminder that antitrust injury depends on a showing of market-wide effects and examined the application of collective bargaining exemptions to antitrust laws.

28 July 2023

South African enforcer flags ChatGPT concerns in market inquiry

The Competition Commission of South Africa is set to probe concerns about the relationship between digital platforms and news publishers, including how new technologies such as ChatGPT use media content.

20 March 2023

Germany sends chargesheet to group of medical associations

Germany’s competition authority has alleged that a syndicate of associations representing medical aid providers unlawfully banded together across the country to force health insurers to charge higher prices for their products.

25 January 2023

EU finalises guidelines exempting gig workers from competition rules

The European Commission has adopted new guidelines clarifying when self-employed people, such as actors, musicians and gig workers, can collectively negotiate better working conditions without breaching the bloc’s competition rules.

29 September 2022

Germany probes collective negotiations for medical equipment

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office is investigating whether a group of medical equipment associations violated cartel or abuse of dominance rules by banding together to demand higher prices from health insurers.

24 March 2022

ACCC wins rare boycott proceedings in court

An Australian court has held that one of the country’s largest private construction companies and an industry trade union illegally entered into an agreement to boycott a subcontractor at a building site in Brisbane.

14 February 2022

EU suggests exempting some gig workers from competition rules

Collective agreements between self-employed workers and digital labour platforms fall outside EU competition rules, according to new draft guidance from the European Commission.

10 December 2021

Dutch enforcer drops wage-fixing cartel probe

The Dutch competition authority has terminated a cartel investigation into supermarkets that allegedly fixed wages through an industry association, after a new collective bargaining agreement was struck between the employers and their employees’ labour union.

29 November 2021

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