Topic: Collective actions

$5.6 billion Visa, Mastercard settlement survives

An appellate court has upheld the approval of a $5.6 billion settlement resolving a class-action lawsuit in which 12 million businesses alleged Visa and Mastercard fixed payment processing fees.

17 March 2023

Super Bock fails in bid to restart Portuguese class action

A Portuguese court has confirmed the suspension of a class action claim against Super Bock, after the brewing company pushed to have it restarted while simultaneously appealing against an infringement decision on which it is partly based.

24 February 2023

CAT orders ro-ro defendants to disclose all confidential docs from EU probe

The UK’s Competition Tribunal has ordered defendants in a roll-on, roll-off class action claim to handover confidential documents from the European Commission’s ro-ro shipping cartel probe, even if they are deemed irrelevant.

23 February 2023

Hausfeld leads Dutch excessive pricing claim against AbbVie

An Amsterdam-based non-profit is seeking a court declaration that AbbVie abused its dominance by overcharging the national healthcare system over €1 billion for its rheumatoid arthritis treatment drug.

22 February 2023

Visa and Mastercard face another multi-billion pound UK interchange fee claim

A UK litigation firm plans to file another competition class action claim against Mastercard and Visa over their multilateral interchange fees, seeking an estimated £7.5 billion on behalf of businesses accepting consumer credit or debit cards.

21 February 2023

A little less conversation: CAT restricts defendants’ communications with actual or potential class members

Featured in Class actions hub 2022/2023

As the CPO regime becomes more popular, the CAT’s choice to fiercely resist defendant communications with actual or potential class members in the McLaren judgment left defendants with plenty of questions, some of which were recently put to the CAT by Visa and Mastercard in the interchange fee class actions. But does the CAT’s approach risk overlooking the potential downsides of barring communications from defendants in future class actions?

21 February 2023

Class action against Meta gets second chance at certification

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has refused to certify a proposed £2.2 billion class action against Meta but allowed the claimant six months to amend what it said “went very badly wrong” in her proposed analysis.

20 February 2023

Five key takeaways from Canadian court’s dismissal of Expedia class action dismissal

Featured in Class actions hub 2022/2023

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has dismissed a plaintiff’s certification motion in a case involving travel websites – in stark contrast to courts in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

20 February 2023

UK Supreme Court weighs implications of litigation funding challenge

Two claimants seeking collective damages from the EU trucks cartel have urged the UK’s highest court to reject a challenge to their third-party funding agreements or risk “radically changing” the country’s competition class action regime.

16 February 2023

A Q&A with Liza Lovdahl Gormsen

Liza Lovdahl Gormsen is the proposed class representative in a blockbuster claim against Meta, which seeks £2.3 billion on behalf of 45 million UK consumers that allege they lost out because of its unlawful exploitation of their personal data. Following a recent certification hearing before the Competition Appeal Tribunal, she spoke to GCR about criticism of the claim and the future of data and sustainability-related class actions.

14 February 2023

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