Topic: Collective actions

CAT rules “weak” forex class action claims cannot proceed on an opt-out basis

Two competing class representatives seeking damages from members of the EU Forex cartel have said they will appeal against a UK Competition Appeal Tribunal judgment that rejected their proposed opt-out class actions in favour of a possible opt-in claim.

01 April 2022

Meat industry faces parallel antitrust class actions in Canada

A Canadian consumer protection group has launched a standalone price-fixing class action claim against four major US beef processors and their Canadian subsidiaries in a court in Québec, one month after a similar antitrust lawsuit was filed in British Columbia.

01 April 2022

Qualcomm questions motive for UK class action during certification fight

Qualcomm has queried whether a proposed €483 million class action against it is actually being pursued “for the benefit of the funders”, as it urged the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal not to certify the claim.

30 March 2022

UK class action defendants likely to challenge certification after it’s awarded, litigator warns

The certification of a class action is an “ongoing process” that can be revoked “at any time” after the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has formally certified a collective claim, a UK competition lawyer has said.

25 March 2022

EU reaches landmark agreement on DMA

The European Parliament and European Council have reached a historic political agreement on the Digital Markets Act, which will impose sweeping new rules and obligations on the world’s biggest technology companies as soon as October.

25 March 2022

UK class representatives warn of “inordinate delays” to justice

The delays to collective actions in the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal can be “a matter of life and death”, one of the class representatives bringing those cases has said.

25 March 2022

Parallel class actions launched against Google and Apple in Portugal

A Portuguese consumer protection group has filed parallel opt-out competition class action claims against Google and Apple on behalf of consumers that allegedly overpaid for their mobile applications due to the companies’ app store rules and the commissions they charge.

23 March 2022

Enforcers are “unwilling” to tackle exploitative abuses, UK class rep says

The competition law academic spearheading the UK’s £2.3 billion proposed class action against Meta has criticised antitrust agencies for not pursuing exploitative abuses because they think they are “too difficult”.

18 March 2022

BT challenges certification of opt-out excessive pricing claim

Telecoms company BT has told an appeals court in London that the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal was wrong to certify a class-action lawsuit against it on an opt-out basis because the class representative can contact practically all members of the class.

15 March 2022

CAT allows expanded class in Merricks claim against Mastercard

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has confirmed that Walter Merricks can seek damages from Mastercard on behalf of the approximately three million people that have died since first filing his opt-out class action claim against the company five years ago.

10 March 2022

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