Topic: Collective actions

UK interchange claimants seek to rely on specific evidence to refute pass-on

Claimants seeking damages from Visa and Mastercard for charging allegedly unlawful interchange fees are urging the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to allow them to submit specific pricing and sales evidence to refute pass-on claims, less than a year after the tribunal questioned the reliability of such information.

23 May 2023

Québec Court of Appeal denies authorisation application for DRAM class action

Featured in Class actions hub 2022/2023

The most recent in a run of decisions to demonstrate judicial willingness to deny the authorisation of unsubstantiated claims, Hazan highlights that proposed class actions can be defeated if the pleaded facts constitute mere assertions, which are insufficient to form an arguable case.

18 May 2023

Fresh analysis of Volvo v Reeder reveals economic implications of the Robinson-Patman Act

Featured in Class actions hub 2022/2023

While the FTC increasingly demonstrates its willingness to use the act to take a creative approach to tackling anticompetitive conduct, a deep dive into a seminal Supreme Court case demonstrates the potential financial difficulties of applying older legislation.

16 May 2023

Merck seeks to escape Baltimore’s vaccine bundling lawsuit

The City of Baltimore cannot allege that Merck’s bundled discounts for paediatric rotavirus vaccines harmed competition because its main rival still has every ability to compete, the drugmaker has said.

12 May 2023

UK appeals court expresses scepticism of third-party trucks cartelists in certification challenge

Two appellate judges have questioned why some members of the EU trucks cartel are opposing a challenge to the certification of a class action that seeks damages from them.

10 May 2023

Certified trucks cartel claim is riddled with conflicts of interest, appellants argue

UK Trucks Claim, MAN and DAF have attacked the “direct and inevitable" conflicts of interests among class members of an opt-in collective action against members of the EU trucks cartel that the UK’s specialist competition tribunal certified last June.

09 May 2023

FTC leans on Robinson-Patman Act to curb anticompetitive conduct: the commission’s explanation

Featured in Class actions hub 2022/2023

As part of its heightened focus on possible anticompetitive conduct involving price discrimination in the pharmaceutical space, the FTC has indicated its willingness to use a piece of antitrust law nearly 100 years old, which could pave a potential new path to consumer class action suits – prompting unease among some economists and antitrust experts.

09 May 2023

Third Circuit reaffirms denial of Niaspan buyers’ class cert

A group of end-purchasers of cholesterol medication Niaspan cannot obtain class certification in a lawsuit against drugmakers Abbvie and Teva Pharmaceuticals, an appellate court has confirmed.

09 May 2023

Approval of bill signals major reforms to Spain’s class action landscape

Featured in Class actions hub 2022/2023

The Draft Bill for the Protection of the Collective Interests of Consumers aims to replace Spain’s existing class action regime, instituting a unified system for bringing legal action and promoting consumer protection.

04 May 2023

NCAA says plaintiffs’ damages request would violate Title IX

The National Collegiate Athletics Association has argued that three groups of student-athletes should not get class certification because 96% of the proposed award would go to men.

03 May 2023

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