Topic: Collective actions

Ro-ro defendants urge CAT to allow communications with class members

Defendants in the UK’s roll-on, roll-off collective action are seeking permission to communicate directly with members of the class after the UK’s specialist tribunal banned them from pursuing such correspondence without prior approval.

31 October 2023

Understanding the Canadian Federal Court’s dismissal of a $12 billion class action against Amazon

Featured in Class actions hub 2022/2023

Key insight into the pleading requirements for conspiracy under the Competition Act has been highlighted in the details of a recent class action case against the global retail giant.

27 October 2023

Non-settling drug company ducks hefty fine in Belgium

A drug distributor has avoided a possible €18.4 million cartel fine in Belgium, after the competition watchdog rejected its investigative arm’s recommended sanction and issued a €779,000 penalty.

26 October 2023

CAT sets trial roadmap for pass-on in interchange fee class actions

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal has laid out a blueprint for a trial to assess pass-on that will affect thousands of interchange fee claims after the parties failed to agree on how to address the issue.

06 October 2023

Economic experts urged to “make good” on their duty to assist courts

Expert witnesses must remember that their primary duty is to assist the courts, despite their "natural" and "instinctive" urge to please their instructing clients, a member of the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has said.

05 October 2023

Supreme Court criteria for certifying collective claims being ignored, says UK barrister

Lower courts have “moved away” from the criteria established by the UK Supreme Court in Merricks v Mastercard when certifying class action claims, counsel to the credit card company has said.

25 September 2023

UK class claimants should not expect methodology reprieves, CAT chair says

Class representatives should not routinely get a second chance to amend their methodologies for calculating loss if their claims are not certified, a chair at the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has said.

22 September 2023

Google reticent on market definition in Epic Games and class action lawsuits

Google has told an Australian court that defining a relevant market in defence of two lawsuits alleging it illegally monopolises application distribution and in-app payment systems is “a little difficult to do”.

19 September 2023

“Economists instrumental in Robinson-Patman cases” – BRG professionals counter response on economic implications of Robinson-Patman Act

Featured in Class actions hub 2022/2023

While it is agreed that qualitative proof is vital to provide support for a price discrimination case, rigorous economic analysis is increasingly essential in Robinson-Patman cases.

18 September 2023

Apple claims “pure assertion” by claimant underlies UK class action methodology

Apple has urged the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal to strike out consumer rights advocate Justin Gutmann’s proposed class action due to a “fatal mismatch” between his abuse claim and methodology for calculating loss.

12 September 2023

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