Topic: Collective actions

DAF loses bid to quash truck claimants' funding arrangements

A UK appellate court has denied DAF’s attempt to strike out funding arrangements for two proposed class action claims seeking damages arising from its participation in the high profile Trucks cartel.

08 March 2021

Interchange fee dispute reveals flaws in CAT rules

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal is preparing to reform its procedural rules for the first time since 2015, its president has said.

11 February 2021

Merricks to argue deceased consumers should be included in Mastercard claim

Walter Merricks' counsel will argue at a class certification hearing next month that consumers who allegedly suffered loss as a result of Mastercard’s illegal interchange fees but have since died should be included in his class action claim.

05 February 2021

Kenya proposes easing cooperation rules

Kenya’s antitrust watchdog plans to allow competitor collaborations in certain “economic priority sectors” over the next two years to help spearhead post-covid-19 economic recovery.

04 February 2021

Netherlands: Settling Collective Actions

Featured in The Settlements Guide - First Edition

This chapter provides an insight into the Dutch legal framework on collective redress, factors that potentially influence defendants’ willingness to settle cases, the role of courts in reaching settlements and the potential difficulties caused by the overlap of different collective redress mechanisms.

02 February 2021

US: Settling Class Actions

Featured in The Settlements Guide - First Edition

As robust as US antitrust law’s liability regime is, a verdict is by no means assured for plaintiffs. Thus, plaintiffs also face pressure to resolve claims, from the uncertainty of a potential judgment in their favour or its size, the expense of funding litigation (which is typically conducted on a contingency-fee basis where plaintiffs’ counsel are not paid until the conclusion of the litigation), and the length of time between filing a lawsuit to its potential resolution – which can take years to go to trial to say nothing of appeals.

02 February 2021

UK: Settling Collective Actions

Featured in The Settlements Guide - First Edition

In this chapter, we cover the unique substantive and procedural issues relevant to settling group litigation orders (GLOs), English Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) Rule 19.6 representative actions and opt-out collective actions in the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT). In doing so, we consider the degree of approvals required from the court, alongside the strategic considerations claimants and defendants encounter when settling such claims.

02 February 2021

DAF challenges funding in UK trucks claims

The funding agreements used to fuel two separate class actions seeking damages from the EU trucks cartel do not comply with UK law, DAF has argued before a UK appellate court.

26 January 2021

Panasonic settles class action claim in Canada for $6.3 million

Panasonic has become the final company to settle a class-action lawsuit in Canada that accused eight electronics companies of conspiring to fix the price of lithium-ion battery cells.

20 January 2021

Class action claim accuses BT of excessive pricing

A proposed opt-out collective action worth nearly £600 million has been filed at the UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal against the country's leading telecommunications provider for allegedly charging 2.3 million customers excessive prices.

18 January 2021

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