Topic: Collective actions

UK class action claim seeks £2.3 billion from Facebook

Facebook’s parent company Meta is facing a landmark £2.3 billion opt-out antitrust class action claim on behalf of an estimated 44 million UK consumers for allegedly abusing its dominance by illegally exploiting the personal data of its users.

14 January 2022

Mastercard and Merricks squabble over class definition

Walter Merricks has asked the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to expand his class action against Mastercard to include representatives of people who had a valid claim for damages but died in the five years since the case began.

14 January 2022

Portugal accuses pay-TV providers of advertising collusion

The Portuguese Competition Authority has accused three of the country's largest pay-TV operators and an information technology consultancy of colluding to force consumers to watch advertising clips on pre-recorded programmes.

16 December 2021

UK tribunal refuses to pause class action claim against train operator

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has declined a train operator’s request to stay proceedings in an opt-out class action claim that alleges it inflates ticket prices on the London to Brighton train route.

16 December 2021

CADE opens swathe of cartel probes

Brazil’s antitrust watchdog has launched four separate cartel investigations this week into suspected anticompetitive conduct in the markets for waste collection and disposal, network cable supply, school transportation services and ethanol trading.

15 December 2021

Funding arrangements can have legal privilege, Apple claimant argues

A claimant seeking to bring an antitrust class action against Apple is refusing to reveal aspects of her litigation funding arrangements, protesting that such disclosure could give the defendant a “tactical advantage”.

14 December 2021

Roll-on, roll-off cartelists dispute viability of UK class action

Members of the roll-on, roll-off shipping cartel have urged the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal to reject a £150 million proposed class action against them because the class representative’s suggested methodology “cannot establish loss at all”.

30 November 2021

Roll-on, roll-off class action seeks certification in UK

A consumer rights advocate has urged the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to certify his proposed £150 million class action against members of the roll-on, roll-off shipping cartel, while rejecting criticism about the methodology used to assess causation and loss.

29 November 2021

Third opt-out claim filed against train operators in UK

A consumer rights advocate has filed a proposed class action seeking €73 million in damages from a train operator accused of routinely overcharging for London-area tickets, one month after he secured certification for two similar claims against other train operators.

25 November 2021

Qualcomm drops jurisdiction challenge against £480 million UK class action claim

Qualcomm won’t challenge the jurisdiction of a proposed UK class action claim filed against the chipmaker, after previously arguing that the dispute cannot be heard before the country’s courts as the company’s alleged abuse of dominance did not cause loss to local consumers.

04 November 2021

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