Topic: Collective actions

Meta resists certification of “onerous” UK class action

Counsel to Meta Platforms has attacked the claimant’s methodology in a £2.3 billion proposed class action before the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal, calling the claim an “onerous piece of litigation” that ignores the value users place on the social media service.

31 January 2023

The California gasoline conspiracy: plaintiffs’ evidence

Featured in Class actions hub 2022/2023

The fourth part of an extended analysis into Persian Gulf and Richard Bartlett explores how the court applied a theory of conspiracy that made economic sense for the conspirators.

31 January 2023

CAT questions loss to class in Meta collective action

The president of the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has questioned how claimants in a £2.3 billion class action claim against Meta will prove the company’s alleged illegal exploitation of its users’ data caused monetary loss to the class.

30 January 2023

The California gasoline conspiracy: conscious parallelism and plus factors

Featured in Class actions hub 2022/2023

The third instalment of this five-part series explores how the plaintiffs’ evidence was inferential at best and how the court used the Ninth Circuit’s two-step framework to assess whether such evidence supported the price-fixing allegations.

24 January 2023

Mastercard could have charged lawful MIFs in Merricks counterfactual, counsel argues

Counsel to Mastercard has claimed that the European Commission did not find all interchange fees to be unlawful as part of its infringement decision against the company and it could have charged legal rates absent its anticompetitive scheme.

17 January 2023

The California gasoline conspiracy: plaintiffs' allegations

Featured in Class actions hub 2022/2023

While California’s unique supply chain and gasoline market could explain the increase in gasoline prices, the plaintiffs maintain that the unprecedented spikes were instead the result of anticompetitive conduct.

17 January 2023

Merricks urges CAT to reject Mastercard’s counterfactual arguments in multi-billion pound class action

Walter Merricks has accused Mastercard of seeking “another bite of the cherry” in attempting to argue that absent its interchange infringement the credit card company would have set its fees at the highest possible rate that was legally allowed.

16 January 2023

Mastercard pushes back against “extreme” limitation arguments in Merricks claim

Mastercard has argued there is no justification for the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to deprive the company of its limitation defence rights in Walter Merricks’ £17 billion class action lawsuit.

13 January 2023

The California gasoline conspiracy: procedural background

Featured in Class actions hub 2022/2023

The first in a five-part series on Persian Gulf and Richard Bartlett introduces the key players in a decision that provides an economic framework for evaluating possible anticompetitive conduct.

06 January 2023

CAT failed gatekeeping duty in ro-ro class action certification, appellate court rules

A UK appellate court has rejected requests from four vehicle shipping companies to overturn a ruling certifying a roll-on, roll-off class action claim but ordered the Competition Appeal Tribunal to reassess the proposed methodologies for calculating pass-on.

21 December 2022

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