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UK tribunal certifies another train class action but rejects government’s intervention plea

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has certified a second class action claim from Justin Gutmann but rejected the secretary of state for transport’s request to intervene in both mass lawsuits seeking damages from three train operators for allegedly overcharging commuters.

22 March 2023

Israeli Supreme Court annuls damages award in first excessive pricing class action

Israel’s highest court has annulled a decision awarding €4 million in damages to a class of consumers that claimed they overpaid for cottage cheese after ruling a lower court failed to prove the prices were excessive.

21 March 2023

CAT may cancel certification of £400 million train operator class action

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has said it may revoke its previous decision to certify a £400 million opt-out abuse of dominance claim against Govia Thameslink Railway now that the claimants’ expert economist has withdrawn from the proceedings.

17 March 2023

"Have another go": UK competition claim against Meta sent back to the drawing board

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The CAT has emphasised that a roadmap for resolving difficult questions in novel cases needs to be set out at the certification stage. It is encouraging to potential defendants that the CAT is grappling with the challenges faced by data privacy cases.

17 March 2023

$5.6 billion Visa, Mastercard settlement survives

An appellate court has upheld the approval of a $5.6 billion settlement resolving a class-action lawsuit in which 12 million businesses alleged Visa and Mastercard fixed payment processing fees.

17 March 2023

Super Bock fails in bid to restart Portuguese class action

A Portuguese court has confirmed the suspension of a class action claim against Super Bock, after the brewing company pushed to have it restarted while simultaneously appealing against an infringement decision on which it is partly based.

24 February 2023

CAT orders ro-ro defendants to disclose all confidential docs from EU probe

The UK’s Competition Tribunal has ordered defendants in a roll-on, roll-off class action claim to handover confidential documents from the European Commission’s ro-ro shipping cartel probe, even if they are deemed irrelevant.

23 February 2023

Hausfeld leads Dutch excessive pricing claim against AbbVie

An Amsterdam-based non-profit is seeking a court declaration that AbbVie abused its dominance by overcharging the national healthcare system over €1 billion for its rheumatoid arthritis treatment drug.

22 February 2023

Visa and Mastercard face another multi-billion pound UK interchange fee claim

A UK litigation firm plans to file another competition class action claim against Mastercard and Visa over their multilateral interchange fees, seeking an estimated £7.5 billion on behalf of businesses accepting consumer credit or debit cards.

21 February 2023

A little less conversation: CAT restricts defendants’ communications with actual or potential class members

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As the CPO regime becomes more popular, the CAT’s choice to fiercely resist defendant communications with actual or potential class members in the McLaren judgment left defendants with plenty of questions, some of which were recently put to the CAT by Visa and Mastercard in the interchange fee class actions. But does the CAT’s approach risk overlooking the potential downsides of barring communications from defendants in future class actions?

21 February 2023

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