Topic: Class certification

Google urges denial of consumer class

Google has asked a federal court in California to refuse to certify a class of Android application purchasers because it is unclear if they were actually impacted by its app store commission rates.

28 June 2022

DC Circuit

Featured in US Courts Annual Review - Edition 3

In the past year, the US District Court for the District of Columbia granted Visa’s and Mastercard’s interlocutory appeal of class certification, decided motions to dismiss in related cases against Facebook and more.

24 June 2022

Trends in Class Certification

Featured in US Courts Annual Review - Edition 3

As class certification standards have continued to develop in the antitrust context during the past year, questions of predominance have remained at the forefront.

24 June 2022

Objections to boundary fares class certification are premature, Gutmann argues

Criticism of Justin Gutmann’s proposed methodology for proving that around three million train passengers were double-charged for parts of their journeys is overblown and can be resolved at trial, his counsel has told a UK appellate court.

15 June 2022

Train operators urge UK appellate court to undo class certification

Two train companies facing a £93 million collective action for allegedly double-charging some passengers on journeys to and from London have attacked the lead claimant’s proposed methodology in their bid to overturn the lawsuit’s certification.

14 June 2022

CAT certifies opt-in class action for first time

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has paved the way for the Road Haulage Association to bring the country's first-ever certified opt-in collective damages claim against the EU trucks cartel, while rejecting a competing proposal by UK Trucks Claim.

08 June 2022

UK tribunal certifies £480 million class action against Qualcomm

The UK’s Competition Appeals Tribunal has certified its sixth opt-out collective action, allowing a claim for over £480 million to proceed against Qualcomm that alleges millions of consumers overpaid for mobile phones because of the chipmaker’s alleged abuse of dominance.

18 May 2022

Scott + Scott instructs on UK power cables cartel class action

A former head of the UK’s gas regulator is seeking hundreds of millions of pounds from companies involved in the EU-wide power cables cartel on behalf of millions of UK consumers who allegedly overpaid for their electricity bills as a result of the collusion.

11 May 2022

BT class action claim can proceed on opt-out basis, UK appellate court rules

A UK appellate court has dismissed BT’s attempt to overturn the certification of a class action claim against it on an opt-in basis, ruling that the country’s specialist competition tribunal has full discretion to certify a class action claim as opt-in or opt-out.

06 May 2022

UK government looks to speed up cases at specialist competition tribunal

The UK government has pledged to conduct a further “technical review” into the rules governing the country’s specialist competition tribunal after a consultation suggested several amendments to streamline its procedures.

21 April 2022

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