Topic: Class certification

Class actions brought on behalf of businesses face “rocky road”, barrister warns

A significant difference in how the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has treated class action claims brought on behalf of consumers and businesses means the latter likely face a “rocky road” in future, a leading competition barrister has said.

06 October 2022

CAT member acknowledges tribunal’s “heavy responsibility” at certification stage

A judge at the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has said he was surprised by senior courts’ “strong support” for the country’s relatively new class action regime and their “relatively expansionist idea of how it should operate”.

23 September 2022

MLB hopes to strikeout wage-fixing suit at certification stage

A group of minor league players should not be allowed to move forward as an antitrust class “based on nothing more than their say-so” – especially in light of Major League Baseball’s pending motion to dismiss their lawsuit, the league has argued.

25 August 2022

Sony faces £5 billion competition class action in the UK

A consumer rights advocate is seeking up to £5 billion in damages from Sony on behalf of nine million consumers that allegedly overpaid for digital games or in-game content when making purchases from the PlayStation Store.

22 August 2022

Former CMA chair files first UK crypto competition class action claim

Lord David Currie, former chair of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, has filed the country’s first proposed collective antitrust action in the digital assets market, seeking over £9.9 billion in damages from four leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

04 August 2022

UK appeals court takes permissive approach to exploitative abuse class actions

A UK appellate court has endorsed the use of aggregate liability in class actions and broadly interpreted the concept of abuse in a decision upholding the certification of a £93 million collective claim against a pair of train operators.

28 July 2022

UK tribunal certifies £400 million class action against train operator

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has confirmed it can appoint multiple individuals to spearhead a class action, but declined to do so while certifying an opt-out abuse of dominance claim against Govia Thameslink Railway.

26 July 2022

CAT certifies class action against Google

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has certified the country’s seventh opt-out collective action, allowing a claim for £920 million to proceed against Google for allegedly charging app makers “excessive and unfair” fees in order to reap “massive” profits.

18 July 2022

Train claimants ask UK tribunal to certify two class representatives

A pair of rail campaigners have argued that the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal is not legally barred from appointing them both to lead a class action lawsuit against Govia Thameslink Railway, while the train company urged it not to certify the case at all.

14 July 2022

Expanded arguments against train operator could disrupt certification bid, UK tribunal cautions

The UK’s specialist competition tribunal has warned it may have to abandon a certification hearing partway through because the proposed class representatives plan to argue new allegations against the train operator defendant.

05 July 2022

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