Topic: Buyer power

EU drops retail purchasing agreement probe

Two international retail alliances and their members have escaped further investigation after the European Commission said it found no evidence that their negotiated trading terms with manufacturers breached cartel rules.

14 July 2023

Kenya’s first competition chief joins private practice

Bowmans has hired Francis Wang'ombe Kariuki, the first-ever head of Kenya’s antitrust enforcer, as a senior competition consultant in Nairobi.

10 May 2023

Zimbabwe remedies monopsony concerns in supermarket deal

Zimbabwe’s antitrust enforcer has approved an acquisition by one of the country’s largest supermarket chains after the retailer agreed to source fruit and vegetables from local farmers to quell buyer power concerns.

07 March 2023

UPDATE: Unilever settles abuse of buyer power probe in Kenya

The Competition Authority of Kenya has settled an abuse of buyer power investigation into Unilever after the company promised to reduce payment deadlines to its suppliers and increase procurement from local businesses.

25 January 2023

UK hones in on vet sector as private equity concerns grow

The UK’s antitrust enforcer is reviewing a veterinary care group’s completed acquisitions of eight independent vet practices, months after warning about creeping sector concentration as a result of private equity-funded buyouts.

24 November 2022

New Zealand introduces legislation to drive supermarket competition

New Zealand’s commerce minister has introduced a bill “to trigger an unprecedented shake-up of the grocery sector” by allowing suppliers to collectively negotiate with supermarket duopolists and appointing a sector-specific commissioner to the country’s competition watchdog.

22 November 2022

Canadian court upholds dismissal of hockey class action claim

A Canadian appellate court has upheld a ruling that tossed out a competition class action claim against several North American ice hockey leagues, despite finding the lower court made analytical errors when considering the case.

19 August 2022

Portugal punishes healthcare cartel with €190 million penalty

The Portuguese Competition Authority has fined five hospitals and their business association €190 million for colluding to fix the prices and certain commercial conditions of public healthcare services for five years.

04 July 2022

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