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AG Rantos: German enforcer entitled to assess GDPR in Meta case

Competition authorities can consider a company’s compliance with the EU’s data protection regulation when investigating a potential abuse of dominance, an advocate general at the European Court of Justice has said.

20 September 2022

Dutch enforcer wants legislative fix for cloud competition concerns

The Dutch competition authority has proposed amendments to the draft European Data Act, after its cloud computing sector inquiry identified interoperability concerns in the already highly concentrated market.

05 September 2022

More data sharing means more competition concerns, Singapore privacy regulator says

Competition and data authorities will need to learn to work more closely together as the two areas increasingly overlap, an official from Singapore’s data protection regulator has said.

30 August 2022

Algorithms warrant scrutiny but no live cases yet, Japanese and Chinese enforcers say

Competition authorities in China and Japan are continuing to pay close attention to potential collusion through algorithms although neither agency is currently pursuing any cases in this area, officials at both enforcers have said.

26 August 2022

Indian technology company accuses Google of “monopolistic practices”

An Indian technology company has slammed Google for allegedly reneging on a promise to help develop the country’s small businesses community and instead engage in monopolistic conduct through a data policy change.

19 August 2022

UnitedHealth exec describes guarding internal data

UnitedHealth actively seeks to prevent its own data from getting into the hands of rivals, a company executive has testified.

09 August 2022

Firewalls will prevent data sharing from acquisition, UnitedHealth argues

Executives from UnitedHealth’s technology software subsidiary have promised they will not utilise Change Healthcare’s access to rivals’ data to inform business decisions.

08 August 2022

CAT president rules out combined judgments in UK sports data litigation

A UK judge has said he will hand down separate judgments in two overlapping cases before the Competition Appeal Tribunal and an English court that involve competition claims and counterclaims between sports data and betting companies.

28 July 2022

Italian enforcer probes Google over data portability

The Italian Competition Authority is investigating whether Google unlawfully restricted users’ right to data portability and limited the ability of other businesses to develop innovative data-based services.

15 July 2022

Amazon proposes data collection cutbacks to end EU abuse probes

Amazon’s promise to make significant changes to its European business model could allow the European Commission to “test the effectiveness” of the Digital Markets Act before the rules come into effect, local lawyers have said.

14 July 2022

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