Topic: Bid rigging

Brazil issues multiple cartel fines

The Brazilian antitrust watchdog has doled out cartel penalties totalling €17 million as part of two separate investigations that found companies rigged bids in the markets for polyethylene pipes and medical supplies.

28 April 2022

Netherlands raids street furniture companies

The Dutch competition authority has searched several companies in the market for roadside equipment as part of an alleged bid-rigging probe.

21 April 2022

A Q&A with Iskandar Ismail

Iskandar Ismail has been chief executive of Malaysia’s Competition Commission since October 2018. In an interview with GCR, he discussed pursuing legal reforms in response to a high-profile loss at Malaysia’s top court and prioritising a non-voluntary merger control regime as part of a suite of amendments to the country’s competition law.

08 April 2022

ACCC: No commercial reason for meeting where alleged bid-rigging attempt occurred

It did not make commercial sense for an individual at a building management system provider to set up a meeting with a rival, which was instead used to initiate a bid-rigging scheme, counsel to Australia’s competition watchdog has argued.

08 April 2022

Accused bid-rigger paints ACCC’s key witness as disgruntled rival

Counsel to a building management system provider accused of attempted bid-rigging have claimed that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s key witness is a disgruntled rival with a spotty memory.

04 April 2022

India raids tyre companies in new probe

The Competition Commission of India has searched the offices of Apollo Tyres, MRF, CEAT and Continental based on suspicions they rigged bids for contracts to supply tyres for public transport vehicles in the state of Haryana.

01 April 2022

DOJ trims down broiler chicken case

The Department of Justice has dropped criminal charges against five of the 10 defendants that it has twice unsuccessfully taken to trial for allegedly conspiring to fix prices of broiler chickens.

01 April 2022

JFTC fines drug wholesalers for bid-rigging

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has fined a trio of drug wholesalers a total of €3.1 million for rigging bids for contracts to supply medicines at 57 hospitals operated by a government-affiliated body.

30 March 2022

KFTC busts construction services cartel

Korea’s competition watchdog has hit 35 companies with fines totalling €1.3 million after finding they formed a cartel to rig bids for certain construction management services.

21 March 2022

Korea fines cartel for military and police supplies

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has fined a trio of companies more than €6.5 million for rigging bids for leather and textile goods used by the country’s Ministry of National Defense, Correctional Service and National Police Agency.

14 March 2022

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