Topic: Bid rigging

Magistrate: DOJ can proceed with criminal security services case

Foreign trade law should not protect the former head of a Belgian security services company from a criminal bid-rigging charge, a federal magistrate judge has said.

06 June 2023

Construction company director allowed to continue after disqualification order

The High Court of England and Wales has allowed the director of a construction company to remain in his post despite being disqualified for bid-rigging, disregarding the protests of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority.

25 May 2023

FTC: Baby formula collusion probe is justified

The Federal Trade Commission has rejected Abbott Laboratories’ request to narrow the scope of its investigation into potential price coordination of infant formula, saying there is no need to produce conclusive evidence of collusion at this stage.

25 May 2023

Hong Kong enforcer seeks fines against second air conditioning cartel

Hong Kong’s Competition Commission has accused two building service providers of rigging bids for air conditioning work after one of the companies settled collusion claims in a separate case last year.

24 May 2023

FX platform must face price-fixing claims

Two financial services companies can proceed with claims that foreign exchange trading platform Currenex conspired to inflate its profits by fixing exchange rates, a federal judge in Manhattan has ruled.

22 May 2023

Italian court confirms football broadcasting cartel fines

An Italian administrative court has dismissed appeals by a pair of sports management agencies challenging fines imposed by the national competition watchdog for rigging bids to acquire the rights to broadcast the country’s top football league.

17 May 2023

Disqualification regime “strikes at the heart” of company leadership, CMA tells UK court

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has argued that allowing the director of a demolition company involved in a bid-rigging cartel to continue in that role would undermine the deterrent effect of the competition disqualification regime.

10 May 2023

Concrete exec challenges per se rule for criminal conduct

A Minnesota-based concrete executive has said the Department of Justice failed to prove the bid-rigging allegations against him, while joining a recent string of individuals who claim such criminal charges violate their constitutional rights.

10 May 2023

DOJ defends constitutionality of criminal Sherman Act prosecutions

The Department of Justice has pushed back against a former engineering executive’s bid to overturn his bid-rigging conviction because the Sherman Act is unconstitutionally vague.

09 May 2023

Brazil reaches second €10 million settlement in pacemaker cartel probe

International medical technology company Biotronik Comercial Médica has admitted to its role in a cartel that rigged public bids to provide various high-technology medical supplies in the Brazilian pacemaker market.

28 April 2023

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