Topic: Bid rigging

Finnish court fines bus cartel for joint bidding

A Finnish court has accepted the national antitrust enforcer’s request to fine six bus companies for coordinating tender bids through a joint venture but reduced the agency’s desired sanction by over 20%.

27 November 2023

DOJ drops second criminal case in a week

The Department of Justice has moved to dismiss its price-fixing charges against a former Taro Pharmaceuticals executive accused of conspiring to inflate generic drug prices.

17 November 2023

Denmark uncovers sprawling electricity supply cartel

A cartel involving 50 companies illegally rigged bids to provide Denmark's national grid operator with electricity supplies, the country's antitrust enforcer has said.

30 October 2023

Canadian prosecutor files criminal bid-rigging charges

Two former employees of an asphalt company could face up to 14 years in prison in Canada for allegedly rigging bids for a public highway.

25 October 2023

CNMC missed deadline to fine IT company, Spanish court rules

The Spanish National Court has upheld fines against four IT companies for sharing information and dividing the market but quashed a sanction against a fifth cartelist due to a procedural violation.

16 October 2023

Austrian court imposes more fines in ongoing construction cartel probe

Austria’s Cartel Court has followed the national competition authority’s recommendation to fine a construction company €27.15 million for its role in the country’s biggest-ever cartel.

04 October 2023

Slovakian enforcer reimposes fines on bid-rigging cartel

Slovakia’s competition authority has ordered a construction cartel to pay a €7.2 million fine, eight months after its original infringement decision was overturned on appeal.

25 September 2023

Enforcers launch push to tackle FIFA World Cup collusion

A joint initiative by antitrust enforcers in the US, Mexico and Canada intends to spur competition in several markets by rooting out unlawful agreements targeting the FIFA World Cup in 2026.

22 September 2023

California unveils additional backdated settlement in Auto Parts case

Meritor colluded with several manufacturers and suppliers to rig bids and fix prices for exhaust system parts, the State of California has claimed in a complaint accompanying a rare backdated settlement with the company.

15 September 2023

Korea’s top court backs KFTC on currency swap collusion

A lower court wrongly annulled a KFTC decision finding that Citibank Korea and JPMorgan Chase illegally rigged tenders from two state-owned companies for currency swap services, Korea’s top court has held.

13 September 2023

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