Topic: Artificial intelligence

Forrest: Twombly ruling will be instrumental in future AI cases

Proving the existence of an agreement of minds will prove to be an obstacle for prosecutors bringing collusion cases involving artificial intelligence, a former federal judge has said.

21 September 2023

US DOJ tests new approaches to boost cartel enforcement revival efforts

Featured in Americas Antitrust Review 2024

Amid struggles to identify and punish large domestic and international cartels, the Department of Justice is stepping up through new focus areas such as monopolisation and AI.

25 August 2023

CMA launches “initial review” into generative AI concerns

The UK’s antitrust enforcer will study the development of generative artificial intelligence software to determine the structure of the market and whether the technology could lead to the entrenchment of market power.

04 May 2023

Experts warn of antitrust risks from generative AI

There is a significant risk that gatekeepers could emerge in the generative artificial intelligence industry unless antitrust enforcers act now, several competition law experts have said.

18 April 2023

Agencies must stop disruptive AI acquisitions by large tech companies, EU official says

Competition enforcers must prevent dominant technology companies from acquiring disruptive technology arising from artificial intelligence, a senior official at the European Commission has said.

31 March 2023

AI is “really frightening”, Mundt says

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office will soon open a case tackling the issue of artificial intelligence, Andreas Mundt has predicted, while warning that its development will only further entrench the dominance of the world’s most powerful technology companies.

30 March 2023

A Q&A with Stefan Hunt

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority established a dedicated data analytics unit in 2018, tapping Stefan Hunt to build the team from scratch. Ahead of starting a new role at Keystone Strategy on Tuesday, Hunt spoke to GCR about the challenges of growing the CMA’s 50-strong data group, its role in some of the agency’s most important probes and how the sophisticated technology his team built is changing enforcement.

23 January 2023

Algorithms warrant scrutiny but no live cases yet, Japanese and Chinese enforcers say

Competition authorities in China and Japan are continuing to pay close attention to potential collusion through algorithms although neither agency is currently pursuing any cases in this area, officials at both enforcers have said.

26 August 2022

Russia fines Google €32.6 million over “opaque” YouTube terms

Russia’s competition watchdog has fined Google €32.6 million for abusing its dominance in the market for video hosting services by using “opaque” terms and conditions to arbitrarily suspend and block YouTube accounts.

27 July 2022

CMA using data science to screen evidence

The director of data science at the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has said work conducted by his unit now means the agency can more efficiently vet evidence submitted by parties in antitrust investigations.

16 June 2022

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