Topic: Sustainability

EU outlines upcoming sustainability guidance

The European Commission has confirmed it will consider environmental benefits as efficiencies when assessing if cooperation agreements can be exempted from competition rules, although some experts believe the enforcer is wrong to limit that analysis to the specific affected market.

10 September 2021

UK’s electric car charging study jumpstarts antitrust probe

The UK’s antitrust enforcer is investigating exclusivity agreements between an electric vehicle charging provider and three major UK service station operators, after a market study found a lack of chargepoints may prevent drivers from switching to electric cars.

23 July 2021

Greece consults on regulatory “sandbox” for sustainability initiatives

Greece’s Competition Commission is seeking feedback on plans to establish a regulatory sandbox that would allow businesses to test and pursue sustainability agreements without the fear of violating competition rules.

16 July 2021

Snoep: EU must adapt competition rules to meet new climate goals

The head of the Dutch competition authority has said the European Commission must adapt its exemption test for horizontal agreements between competitors that reduce environmental harm if the bloc wants to meet its ambitious climate goals.

28 April 2021

EU officials to speak at GCR's first sustainability conference

The heads of the Dutch and German antitrust agencies will speak at GCR Connect: Sustainability and Cooperation later this month, along with the European Commission's head of competition policy and the green deal.

09 April 2021

EU enforcer emphasises sustainability considerations in predatory pricing probe

The European Commission has opened an abuse of dominance investigation into Greece's largest electricity supplier over suspicions it charged predatory prices, while making a point to flag how the possible infringement may have chilled investment in greener energy.

17 March 2021

GCR to host first sustainability conference

The heads of the Dutch competition authority and the European Commission’s unit responsible for competition policy and the Green Deal will speak at GCR Connect: Sustainability and Cooperation next month.

16 March 2021

Matos Rosa: Competition is key to green innovation

The president of the Portuguese Competition Authority has said enforcers need to “demystify” the view that competition policy is an obstacle to sustainability initiatives.

04 February 2021

CMA adds voice to sustainability debate

The UK’s antitrust watchdog has published advice for businesses on sustainability agreements, matching calls from its Dutch counterpart to exempt certain types of cooperation from competition rules.

27 January 2021

Dutch enforcer calls for cohesion on sustainability across EU

The Dutch competition authority has said its draft guidelines on sustainability agreements are ready to be discussed at an EU-wide level after updating the advice to clarify what types of cooperation qualify for exemptions from antitrust rules.

27 January 2021

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