Topic: Sustainability

Vestager: “We are recalibrating globalisation”

Competition policy must not lose sight of long-term financial and environmental security when responding to the current energy crisis, officials including the EU’s competition commissioner have warned.

27 October 2022

Tirole: EU emissions case was “right outcome, wrong process”

Independent agencies – including antitrust enforcers – should be wary of broadening their mandates in a bid to correct government failures, Nobel prize-winning economist Jean Tirole has said.

27 October 2022

Indonesian official: first movers on sustainability goals could entrench market power

Competition agencies must ensure markets do not become too concentrated during the transition to a green economy, especially as first-movers towards sustainability initiatives are likely to increase their power, an official at Indonesia’s antitrust watchdog has warned.

29 September 2022

DOJ official: current antitrust framework can promote sustainability

The Department of Justice is doing its part to promote sustainability by effectively enforcing competition law, an Antitrust Division official has said.

21 September 2022

French enforcer appoints new sustainability network head

France’s Competition Authority has formally appointed the first head of its sustainable development network, as it braces for an increase in complaints and queries about cooperation between rivals on such initiatives.

12 September 2022

Irish forestry department accused of antitrust violations

A group of Irish forestry consultants has formally complained to the European Commission that their country’s government has “virtually ousted” them from the market by offering its own free forestry advisory service.

12 August 2022

Dutch enforcer blesses Coca-Cola sustainability agreement

The Dutch competition authority has informally cleared a joint agreement between four soft drink suppliers to stop using plastic handles on drink multipacks after finding that the collaboration does not harm competition.

27 July 2022

Greek enforcer launches dedicated platform to assess sustainability initiatives

Greece’s Competition Commission has launched a new regulatory sandbox that allows businesses to digitally submit sustainability agreements to the authority to assess whether their environmental benefits outweigh any competition concerns.

29 June 2022

Dutch enforcer allows CO2 storage collaboration due to sustainability benefits

The Dutch competition authority has informally allowed fuel rivals Shell and TotalEnergies to collaborate on carbon dioxide storage in depleted gas fields in the North Sea after finding that the arrangement will contribute to climate objectives.

28 June 2022

European Union: sustainability, settlements and private enforcement

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2023

24 June 2022

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