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Oppenländer Rechtsanwälte

Professional notice

OPPENLÄNDER is the independent alternative in Germany for all antitrust mat-ters. …

OPPENLÄNDER is the independent alternative in Germany for all antitrust mat-ters. A boutique-style personal hands-on approach is combined with the strength of a team enjoying highest professional reputation among peers.

OPPENLÄNDER offers the entire range of antitrust advice.

Merger Control: We are regularly involved in complex cases in which transaction work is handled by other firms. OPPENLÄNDER has gained a reputation of relia-ble advice, grasp of complex market details and solutions off the beaten track. We are regularly retained to litigate merger decisions by the FCO. We have par-ticular expertise in industries relating to energy, media, life sciences and automo-tive. OPPENLÄNDER has proven a reliable and straightforward partner for the German aspects of multinational filings.

Actions for Damages: No other German firm has been more actively involved in developing private enforcement in Germany. Or experience includes landmark litigation cases and highly confidential settlements. Clients range from interna-tional blue chip companies to state owned businesses and medium sized enter-prises.

Cartel investigations and compliance: OPPENLÄNDER is an experienced partner for trans-border investigations in cartel cases building on our extensive experi-ence in both national and EU cartel cases. We help to structure compliance pro-grams and to implement them successfully. OPPENLÄNDER has successfully liti-gated cartel cases against the FCO, helped to mitigate fines and advised in set-tlement proceedings.

Vertical restrictions, distribution: The German FCO pursues a strict enforcement concept regarding possible vertical restrictions of competition. Price related re-strictions are regularly fined. OPPENLÄNDER helps to steer distribution concepts through this specific German regulatory environment.

Dominance, regulated industries: OPPENLÄNDER has successfully handled nu-merous cases of purportedly abusive pricing by firms held to be dominant. Regu-lated industries, in particular energy, water and communications, are an area of particular expertise.

OPPENLÄNDER is an independent law firm offering services in competition, cor-porate, IP, life sciences, public and administrative and labor law. OPPENLÄNDER does not participate in any formal alliances.

Contact details:

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Bach
[email protected]
+49 711 60187-150

Dr. Mathias Ulshöfer
[email protected]
+49 711 60187-290

Dr. Andreas Hahn
[email protected]
+49 711 60187-120

Dr. Ulrich Klumpp
[email protected]
+49 711 60187-172

Börsenplatz 1
70174 Stuttgart

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