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Economics 21

Charles River Associates

Charles River Associates continues to be one of the world’s top economics consultancy shops, with a steady reputation for bagging headline-grabbing work

  • Hired a pair of senior US Federal Trade Commission officials
  • Worked on Novartis/GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer/Hospira and IAG/Aer Lingus
  • 36 experts nominated to Who’s Who Legal: Competition
Global headMargaret Sanderson
Home jurisdictionUnited States, Europe
Total size of firm424
Competition economists152
% of firm specialised36
Who’s Who Legal: Competition nominees33
Part-time consultants0
Lateral hires2
Internal promotions3

CRA has an impressive roster of competition experts, and is involved in a number of interesting matters both at the North American and European levels. CRA helped win US Federal Trade Commission clearance for the Safeway/Albertsons supermarket merger, which was cleared with divestments after the firm provided a number of detailed, market-by-market analyses. The FTC was persuaded to limit the number of divested shops.

On the litigation side, Kevin Murphy and Robert Topel acted as expert witnesses in Northern District of California litigation concerning Apple’s iTunes platform. After the Verso/NewPage Holdings acquisition became embroiled in litigation over claims that Verso’s decision to sell a paper mill was part of a conspiracy to reduce output, boost prices and monopolise the market, CRA experts showed that the unprofitable mill would have closed earlier if it wasn’t for costs that could be funded by its sale; the deal was ultimately cleared.

The firm is also heavily involved in European work. CRA advised counsel to Novartis as it merged with GlaxoSmithKline and faced scrutiny from DG Comp, as well as the FTC. In another major pharmaceutical mandate, CRA economists provided support to Pfizer during pre-notification and Phase I DG Comp proceedings as the company acquired Hospira. The European watchdog approved the deal with divestments at the end of the Phase I process. The firm also advised both IAG and Aer Lingus during their long-running merger attempt. At the national level, the firm provided advice to UK and German parties during Continental’s acquisition of Veyance, which was subject to review by Germany’s Federal Cartel Office and the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority.

Antitrust & Competition Economics

Charles River Associates (CRA) provides economic analysis, advice, and testimony for antitrust and merger cases worldwide. Our clients include government agencies as well as law firms and their clients.

Global reach

With one of the industry’s largest global competition practices, CRA offers firms with multinational interests a single point of contact in each region to coordinate the work of tightly integrated transnational teams. We combine deep knowledge of local laws and regulations with extensive experience testifying before a wide range of courts and regulatory agencies, including the US Federal Trade Commission, the US Department of Justice, the European Commission, the Canadian Competition Bureau, the Australian Competition Tribunal, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, and others.

Impeccable credentials

Many of CRA’s competition economists have served in government antitrust agencies or are members of premier academic economics and law faculties. Published research by our academic affiliates has led to fundamental changes in how economists consider monopolization claims, vertical restraints, and mergers.

Industry insight

Our experience extends to many industries, including health care, energy, computer hardware/software, retailing, telecommunications, aerospace and defense, entertainment, transportation, natural resources, sports, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and consumer products.

Superior analytics

CRA’s services include the assessment of liability-related issues, the determination of damages, the economic assessment of remedies, and the analysis of class certification issues. We are experts in applying economic approaches to the competitive analysis of a wide range of business conduct.

About Charles River Associates

Charles River Associates is a global consulting firm specializing in litigation, regulatory, and financial consulting, and management consulting. CRA advises clients on economic and financial matters pertaining to litigation and regulatory proceedings, and guides corporations through critical business strategy and performance-related issues. Since 1965, clients have engaged CRA for its unique combination of functional expertise and industry knowledge, and for its objective solutions to complex problems. CRA is celebrating its 50th year anniversary in 2015.


Margaret Sanderson
Vice President and Practice Leader
[email protected]

North America
200 Clarendon Street
Boston, MA 02116-5092

99 Bishopsgate
London, EC2M 3XD
United Kingdom


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