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Vogel & Vogel

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With one of the largest antitrust teams in France, Vogel & Vogel maintains a busy full-service practice. Founders Louis Vogel and Who’s Who Legalnominee Joseph Vogel are the two founding partners. Géraldine Demme joined recently as counsel and head of the German desk. On the merger front, the firm advised Belgian media group Rossel in acquiring assets from Hersant Media Group; the deal was cleared at Phase I. 

The firm is standing counsel to telecoms company Bouygues in competition matters and won a landmark ruling at the European Court of Justice regarding state aid offered to France Télécom. Vogel & Vogel is also representing Bouygues in a €1.4 billion damages lawsuit against mobile operators Orange and SFR. Other behavioural work includes gaining an 80 per cent fine reduction for pork slaughterhouse Gad Group in a French cartel probe, and another slash in fines for a chartered accountancy association.

Louis and Joseph Vogel founded Vogel & Vogel in 1990. From the outset Vogel & Vogel chose to specialize in competition, distribution and consumer law and became one of the top firms in those fields. The firm has grown steadily since its establishment, and now employs 40 lawyers (two founding partners, eight partners, two of-counsel and 28 associates).

Vogel & Vogel is a specialized firm praised for its outstanding expertise and high experience. It specializes solely in European and French competition / regulation, distribution and consumer law. 

Vogel & Vogel's competition / regulation team, the largest on the market, intervenes in all fields of European and French competition and regulatory law, taking charge of all aspects of the cases entrusted to it. It comprises 4 teams each composed of a partner and several associates.

Vogel & Vogel’s distribution teams are renowned for their expertise in ensuring the operation and setting up of distribution networks in all their forms. It also comprises 4 teams each composed of a partner and several associates. The firm assists its clients in developing their distribution policy in connection with all types of litigation involving vertical restraints in all economic sectors.

Vogel & Vogel’s consumer affairs team is very experienced in problems raised by consumer law on advertising and sales promotions and proposes innovative solutions in all after-sales areas. It is composed of two partners and five associates. The firm is particularly renowned for its work with industry, especially the automobile sector. It is also highly skilled in product liability litigation.

The firm is at the service of a varied clientele: private and public undertakings, administrative authorities, trade associations and other legal professionals both in France and internationally. It gives clients not only an excellent service but also the best possible value for money.

In recognition of the increasingly international nature of business, the firm places great importance on being able to offer its clients an international service.

Indeed, in order to assist foreign clients, Vogel & Vogel has several foreign desks composed of lawyers proficient in the language of the country in question (Anglo-American desk, German and Austrian desk, Indian desk, Brazilian and Portuguese desk, Arabic-speaking countries desk, Russian and Eastern European desk, Spanish and South American desk).

The firm has also established offices in Paris, Lyon and Brussels.

In addition, Vogel & Vogel has created an international network of excellence in competition and distribution law. The Vogel Global Competition Network (www.vogel-global.com) brings together over 50 law firms specializing in competition and distribution law from around the world. To constitute its international network, Vogel & Vogel has selected the best competition and distribution law firms in each country. The role of this unique network is to provide a global response to issues brought by the firm’s clients, to whom the national competition laws of various countries may be applicable.

Vogel & Vogel has the advantage of a dedicated in-house research team (the knowledge Management team or KM team) and several databases, which are updated on a daily basis.

Vogel & Vogel’s aim is to promote its expertise through regular publication of legal intelligence, organization of monthly conferences, creation of the Prix Vogel awarded to authors of works of doctoral theses in the field, or innovative digital products made available to its clients.


30, avenue d’Iéna
75116 Paris

T: +33. (0)
F: +33. (0)


9, avenue des Gaulois
B-1040, Bruxelles

T: +32. (0)2.737.71.06
F: +32. (0)2.733.95.78

Louis Vogel        

E: [email protected]

Joseph Vogel      

E: [email protected]

Stephanie Boudin

E: [email protected]

Website: www.vogel-vogel.com; www.vogel-global.com

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