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SAI Law & Economics

Professional notice


SAI Law & Economics continues to succeed by blending legal expertise with economic know-how to offer a dynamic service to clients. Partner Lucia Ojeda Cárdenas took over as head of competition, but Who’s Who Legal nominee and partner Luis Alberto Aziz Checa remains with the practice. The team includes five partners and 10 associates.

Case work over the last year has included two for headline client Aeroméxico – one related to slots at Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International Airport, the other stemming from accusations of pricing problems from travel agents. SAI is leading counsel to Nestlé regarding the Mexican aspects of its acquisition of Pfizer Nutrition and the ongoing implementation of remedies in the case. It is also acting for several companies in the automotive section, including audio company Alpine. Daimler Mexico, Home Depot and Monsanto are also clients.


Our firm’s leaders in Competition practice:

Lucía Ojeda Cárdenas [email protected]

Luis Alberto Aziz Checa [email protected]


Since its establishment, SAI Law & Economics provides legal, economic and investment banking advisory services. Its interdisciplinary approach is unique in Mexico and allows the firm to design and implement creative and comprehensive solutions in matters of antitrust, arbitration, arbitration, corporate law, international trade disputes, international treaties, investment banking and strategic planning.

We are leaders and pioneers in Competition Law, the interdisciplinary integration of the services of renowned lawyers and economists gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with a unique advice.

We are a highly reliable firm, with extensive knowledge and expertise in conducting merger proceedings, investigations of monopolistic practices, public biddings and regulated sectors. Our experience and business perception lead us to foresee our client's problems, propose solutions to reduce regulatory risks and maximize the chances of success.

Our experience becomes more relevant in light of the Constitutional Reform in Telecommunications and Competition matters enacted last 2013, by which the competition authority has gained more intrusive powers that will pose mayor challenges to companies onwards. The 2013 Reform also ordered the creation of the new Federal Economic Competition Commission, whose appointed Commissioners are in a vast majority economists (6 out of 7 –the remaining one is a lawyer). This situation highlight SAI's interdisciplinary integration because of the abilities of our professionals to understand and speak the same language that the new regulator.

For questions or to be put in touch with our professionals please visit our website: http://www.sai.com.mx/en/home/ or contact us by phone, (52 55) 5985 6618.

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